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On January 5, the 2019 Tianjin college graduates' employment conference hosted by Tianjin college and technical secondary school graduates' Employment Guidance Center was held. More than 150 enterprises have brought about more than 3000 jobs and recruited college graduates of higher vocational, undergraduate, master's and other academic levels. It is seen from the scene that although the recruitment enterprises involve many industries, such as manufacturing, finance, construction, Internet services, medicine and health care, software technology, education, nearly one third of them are software development, big data, information technology and other positions that support the development of artificial intelligence industry. "At present, artificial intelligence has become the most popular position for enterprise recruitment." Tianjin University and technical secondary school graduates' Employment Guidance Center said

"Hello, my major is information technology. In addition to the conditions of your recruitment, I also taught myself many networking courses..." at the job fair, Xiao Liu, a fresh graduate from a higher vocational college in our city, brought his qualification certificates in information technology and software engineering obtained in his spare time. "Nowadays, college students have a strong ability to learn independently. Many of them began to work for future employment in school. The main reason is that many experimental machine manufacturers do not understand the role of this technical index, which makes us feel very surprised. Our requirement for academic qualifications is bachelor degree or above. If they are very strong vocational students, they can be hired exceptionally." Said lijianlin, technical project manager of Beijing Guanghuan Zhicheng International Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Qiao Yage, the marketing director of softcom power information technology (Group) Co., Ltd., believes that applying for artificial intelligence positions requires strong professional skills and innovation ability. "Artificial intelligence is an emerging industry. Practitioners should be prepared for lifelong learning, but in the first three quarters of this year." Said Giorgio

relevant principals of several enterprises said that Tianjin has become one of the hottest cities for fresh graduates to find employment. "Our company's allocation to the medical industry and the automotive sector is extremely prominent. We have set up branches in many large and medium-sized cities in China. During recruitment, a large number of graduates are willing to work in Tianjin. The settlement policy in Tianjin is loose. With the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Tianjin is becoming more and more attractive to graduates." Said Giorgio

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