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"Artificial intelligence + policing" helps Ping'an Ningbo to upgrade again

Ningbo, December 28 (correspondent Wang Xiaofeng, sunbowang, did a free fall experiment (including a full fall on the edges, corners and surfaces of products). Hundreds of billions of pieces of data have converged into a "cloud" in the information center of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Relying on this "cloud", the "sky" is everywhere, realizing the visualization of command, the integration of operation, and the intelligent deployment and control... Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, Ningbo Public Security Science and technology informatization has made great progress, especially the deepening application of "artificial intelligence" after the arrival of the big data era, which has led to rapid changes in the police field

science and technology has not only alleviated the shortage of police force to a certain extent, improved the efficiency of police work, but also made it more and more convenient for the masses to handle affairs, which will help promote the further upgrading of the construction of safe Ningbo

in terms of fighting crime and maintaining social stability, the municipal public security organs have created a three-dimensional, intelligent and all-round holographic sensing network through 10 categories of sensing means, such as video surveillance and intelligent access control, and realized real-time dynamic monitoring and rapid and accurate disposal of "the export share of people, materials and things to emerging countries will also be greatly improved by forming a joint steering group with the provincial environmental protection department"

various new technical and operational methods tailored for big data investigation, giving play to 1+1>; 2, and has achieved fruitful results in cracking down on crimes of infringing on property, arresting important fugitives, and investigating cross regional cases. From January to November this year, the city used dynamic big data to identify and capture more than 1000 fugitives. In Haishu District, relying on regional intelligent policing, the number of criminal cases in Tianyi Square and Ningbo railway station decreased by 19.4% year-on-year, and the rate of solving criminal cases and the number of fugitives arrested increased by 81.9% and 300% year-on-year respectively

in terms of serving people's livelihood, "artificial intelligence + policing" makes it easier for people to travel and handle affairs. To create "smart transportation", the traffic police department used big data analysis and other means to carry out analysis and Research on congestion points and optimize and adjust traffic organization. At present, 39 "green wave belt" roads, 24 circular traffic areas and 26 tidal variable lanes have been built in the urban area

by strengthening the police through science and technology, the public security department has achieved full coverage of PC end, mobile end, self-service end and service window end, and vigorously promoted the reform of "running once at most"

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