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Artificial intelligence makes finance understand life better. Fanpujinke explores the path to Inclusive Finance.

on November 23, YEMA finance 2018 piloting the new financial industry summit with the theme of returning to new financial value was held in Beijing. Bai Bai, vice president of vanpkin, was invited to attend and pointed out in the keynote speech that AI makes finance understand your life better: the value of new finance is inseparable from inclusive finance, and the financial technology with AI technology as the core is sinking to implement Inclusive Finance. (Bai Bai, vice president of vanpu Jinke, made a live speech such as handling accommodation)

at present, artificial intelligence is widely used in education, medical treatment, driving, retail and other fields, bringing profound changes to various industries. Due to the industry characteristics, finance is one of the early and more applied fields of artificial intelligence. As an important financial innovation achievement, fintech has also benefited from the blessing of artificial intelligence, and its service efficiency and quality have been greatly improved

Bai Bai pointed out that in the field of financial technology, artificial intelligence is applied to quantitative transactions, risk management, identity recognition, customer service, user investment consultants and other links. It can play a key role in every link, making financial information services more convenient and efficient

as we all know, risk control is the lifeline of financial technology enterprises, and artificial intelligence plays an important role in the field of risk control. Taking fanpujinke as an example, based on machine learning, knowledge atlas, big data and other technologies, fanpujinke's self-developed intelligent big data dynamic risk control system, finup cloud, has realized intelligent risk management before, during and after loan, and will continue to optimize based on technological progress

in addition, artificial intelligence has huge development space for financial technology. For example, in the field of anti fraud, the traditional anti fraud method may simply judge the risk, such as knowing the number of borrowers in the customer contact. After artificial intelligence is added, a huge and complex network map can be formed based on the applicant, number, equipment, IP address, etc., to identify the secondary and tertiary risks that deserve higher and deeper attention of wood plastic materials. For example, in marketing, based on artificial intelligence, it can achieve high-quality content writing, accurate screening and pushing, positioning target users, predicting future trends and other functions, so as to greatly optimize marketing efficiency and improve marketing effect

in short, the financial technology with artificial intelligence as the engine can realize the iterative update of financial services. Bai Bai said that as a widely popularized basic technology, artificial intelligence not only makes finance understand life better, but also will be deeply applied to service industry, industry, agriculture and other fields to create a better future for people

of course, financial technology based on artificial intelligence will eventually return to the essential requirement of serving the real economy. Bai Bai introduced that fanpujinke applied artificial intelligence to fields such as agriculture, rural areas and targeted poverty alleviation to explore a better financial information service model. It is understood that in the field of fintech + agriculture, rural areas and farmers, fanpujinke began to carry out strategic cooperation with Yangling District, Yangling Demonstration Zone, Shaanxi last year, and explore the establishment of a financial technology service system for farmers that conforms to the actual development. In terms of finance, along with the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, science and technology + poverty alleviation, fanpujinke has cooperated with Youcheng entrepreneur poverty alleviation foundation to launch the rural kindling plan, and supported small and micro entrepreneurs returning home to start businesses in Guangxi, Qinghai, Guizhou and other places to help transform local traditional business forms

people in the industry believe that with the rapid development of modern science and technology, the formation speed of new industries and new industries is constantly improving. The rapid development of marketization and the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence have intensified the transformation and upgrading of the traditional financial industry. How to realize innovation, leapfrog development and return to industry value in the financial industry is the direction that financial technology enterprises such as fanpujinke continue to think and seek

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