How to prevent the explosion of air separation tow

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How to prevent the explosion of air separation tower of small oxygen concentrator

piston type air compressor is generally used for small-sized oxygen generator, and a small amount of lubricating oil must be brought into the tower. At the same time, the measures for removing acetylene and other hydrocarbons are not as good as making it an ideal choice for industry, civil engineering, mass transportation, marine and offshore markets affected by the friction force of oil cylinders. The large-scale full low-pressure oxygen generator is perfect; The selection conditions of the station site cannot be very good. Therefore, there are many explosion accidents. Therefore, enough attention should be paid to strengthen safety measures. Pay attention to the following problems:

1) the straight-line distance between the oxygen station and the acetylene station should be more than 300m. It is strictly prohibited to store acetylene generators or dump calcium carbide slag around the oxygen station

2) strictly control the lubricating oil quantity and exhaust temperature of the compressor, and frequently blow off the oil and water

3) strengthen oil separation and filtration measures

4) fine porous silica gel shall be used in acetylene adsorber and shall be regenerated and replaced regularly. Whether the capacity of adsorber is enough should be considered when taking stimulation measures

5) regularly analyze the acetylene content in liquid air and liquid oxygen, and control it within the allowable range

6) during short-term shutdown, liquid oxygen shall be discharged generally. Otherwise, the acetylene content shall be tested to determine the discharge of some or all liquid oxygen. To prevent acetylene accumulation and explosion during restart

7) change the air compressor and expander to oil-free lubrication; Changing the alkali washing drying equipment into molecular sieve purifier is a more thorough transformation of the old equipment

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