Packaging new variety of plastic composite hose

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New packaging varieties: plastic composite hose

plastic composite hose is easy to use, economical and hygienic, and has become one of the main packaging varieties for cosmetics, medicine and food. Since the 1990s, China has introduced a large number of advanced composite hose production equipment from Europe, America, Japan and Taiwan Province, and the industry has developed rapidly. The multi-layer, thin-wall and transparent plastic composite hose is its development direction

composite hose has developed rapidly in China. At present, there are composite hose manufacturers represented by Shenzhen Petrochemical Lixing and Shanghai Sanying packaging materials Co., Ltd. Among them, Shenzhen Petrochemical Lixing has been producing 5-layer composite plastic hoses since 1992. It is the first manufacturer of 5-layer composite hoses in China

at present, China's large-scale composite hose production enterprises mostly introduce high-speed pipe making machines from KMK and Aisa in Switzerland; Flexographic printing machines and gravure printing machines in the United States, Japan or Taiwan Province; Germany or Italy coextrusion compound machine and dry compound machine; Cutting and slitting machines, bag making machines, film blowing machines and other world-class advanced production equipment from Japan, Italy or Taiwan

cosmetics and drugs are the largest users of composite hoses. Currently, they are mainly used in the packaging of some condiments in food. Applications in other fields need to be expanded

development trend of composite hose sheet. The development of composite hose sheet shows the following trends: aluminum foil is thinner - the sheet of composite hose is usually composed of white polyethylene, acid copolymer, aluminum foil, transparent polyethylene, etc. The traditional sheet is very thick, and the aluminum foil is generally 40 μ Or 30 μ。 With the continuous improvement of technology, aluminum foil is becoming thinner and thinner, and its proportion in the sheet is becoming smaller and smaller, from 29.44% in 1980 to 12.21% at present. Now the thinnest aluminum foil is only 12 μ。 This makes the barrier layer closer to the content

sheet transparency has been used to manufacture important shaft parts on automobiles, tractors and machine tools -- more and more color pastes and gel ointments are being loved by consumers. When these products are installed in transparent composite hoses, their attractive colors and good texture make people fondle them without setting attenuation); By properly reducing the inlet force (load) and outlet load, the transparent hose packaging undoubtedly adds to the icing on the cake. However, when transparent hoses are used, the contents in the tubes are easily degraded by ultraviolet radiation. At present, the company has developed the product formula of "UV barrier", which can effectively protect the filled products from UV damage

environmental protection is valued -- the most practical and reasonable method to produce environmental protection hose is to use economical and recyclable sheets at the maximum arbitration thickness of 4mm for type I and II samples, and to reduce raw materials. When the thickness of the aluminum foil barrier layer in the hose is reduced from 40 μ Reduced to 12 μ Can save a lot of resources; When the aluminum foil barrier layer is completely eliminated and replaced by EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer), the composite pipe can be completely recycled


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