Packaging methods of fresh aquatic products

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Packaging methods for fresh aquatic products (Part 1)

fresh aquatic products are required to reach consumers in a short time to ensure the freshness of aquatic products. Therefore, fresh aquatic products do not need to adopt special packaging methods or microbial control. However, the packaging of fresh aquatic products must reach a certain level to meet the needs of the market

packaging principle of fresh aquatic products during the packaging process, in order to maintain its freshness and freshness, fresh aquatic products should be packaged to prevent water evaporation and secondary bacterial pollution, minimize the oxidation and deterioration of aquatic product fat, prevent product dripping and prevent odor pollution

prevent evaporation of water

if the fresh aquatic products are excessively dried and dehydrated during the packaging process, it will lead to changes in the product's structure, color and taste, affecting its freshness. The cause of excessive evaporation of water is directly related to the packaging storage conditions, but the user must also have a better understanding of these problems and the high water vapor transmission rate of the packaging materials

prevent secondary pollution of bacteria

although the meat quality of healthy aquatic products is sterile from the perspective of Microbiology, there are a large number of bacteria in the surface mucus and digestive tract of aquatic products. When aquatic products are slaughtered, these bacteria will quickly attack all components in their tissues. Although the outer packaging of membrane products for seawater desalination of live fresh water sold in the market can not inhibit the development of bacteria attached to food, it can prevent the secondary pollution of bacteria in circulation. During the packaging and sale of live fresh aquatic products, if the method of low-temperature pre cooling is adopted and then circulated at a low temperature of 3 ℃ ~ 5 ℃, it can be hoped to be helpful to maintain the freshness of food

prevent oxidation of product fat

at room temperature, due to the existence of oxygen, the rancidity of oil components in aquatic products is accelerated. The use of good oxygen barrier packaging materials combined with cold storage technology will greatly reduce the rancidity of oil components

prevent odor pollution

aquatic products stored in breathable packaging containers will emit a strong fishy smell after only a few hours even in a low temperature environment, which is the result of the loss of freshness of the product itself. External odors can also pollute the product through the packaging. Therefore, materials with low air permeability and good gas isolation performance should be selected for packaging to solve the problem of internal and external gas pollution

prevent the product from dripping juice

in the packaging of aquatic products, dripping juice will inevitably occur due to the cutting of products. If dripping juice occurs in the packaging, the image of the packaging will be affected. If a water absorbing liner is placed in the package, it can not only absorb the dripping juice, but also reduce the pollution in the package

basic requirements for the packaging of fresh aquatic products

during the packaging of fresh aquatic products, full consideration should be given to the problems that will occur during the storage and circulation of fresh aquatic products, such as odor pollution, product dripping, oxidation and other factors. Therefore, the corresponding requirements are put forward for its packaging both in technology and materials

first, the packaging materials shall not cause any pollution to the products, even odor pollution

second, the packaging materials should have good air tightness and permeability, which can effectively prevent the internal and external pollution of gas and the rancidity caused by product oxidation

third, the packaging materials should have good isolation performance of water vapor and volatile substances, and can prevent the evaporation of water under the condition of low temperature refrigeration

fourth, the packaging technology should facilitate the adoption of heat sealing process

fifth, the product packaging design should beautify the image of the product, be attractive, and achieve the purpose of promoting sales

sixth, the selection of packaging materials and the structural design of packaging should be applicable to the requirements of packaging technology, so as to optimize the packaging performance and reduce the packaging cost


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