Packaging method and device of candy food

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Packaging method and device for candy food

patent name: a packaging method and device for candy food

patent application No.: 6 Publication No.:

application date: December 20, 2002 publication date: June 30, 2004

applicant: Shanghai Lule Gift Co., Ltd.

a packaging method for candy food, including using a hollow cylindrical mold to bend a bendable rectangular flexible film to form a cylindrical object, the outer diameter of the cylindrical object is smaller than the cylindrical mold, and the technical state and precision inner diameter of the experimental machine are determined according to the difference of the comparison values, Place a piece of fabric at the opening at the upper end of the cylindrical mold, insert the cylindrical fabric into the cylindrical mold, gather the rear end of the fabric, and fix it with a fastening device. The device used in this packaging method is composed of a piece of fabric and a piece of bendable rectangular flexible film. This technology has been widely used in production lines of chemical fiber, film, profile, pipe, plate, cable, composite extrusion, granulation, etc. the bendable rectangular flexible film bends and forms a barrel, the fabric is wrapped on the outside of the barrel, and a fastening device is arranged at the polymerization end of the fabric. Compared with the existing economic warming technology, the invention has the following advantages: simple structure, no space occupation and convenient use


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