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Amid the waves of the wooden door industry, some franchisees' brands operated smoothly, their sales were hot, and they made a lot of money, realizing their wealth dreams for many years, while some franchisees operated poorly, could not continue, and finally got out of the game. The joining and agency of the wooden door industry is the key link of the channel construction and network expansion of the wooden door industry, the focus of the enterprise in the marketing planning, and also the focus of the dealers and franchisees in selecting enterprises and paying attention to

here is a summary of some misunderstandings that lead to the failure of merchants to join:

myth 1: the lower the price of the product, the more competitive it is.

with the growing maturity of Chinese wooden doors, the market competition is increasingly shifting from price to brand. Brand is the decisive factor for the success or failure of competition. The market positioning is accurate and the pricing is reasonable. The brand trusted by consumers will allow franchisees to enjoy a lot of profits. On the contrary, brands that will only participate in low-cost competition, Due to fierce competition, the profit space is shrinking day by day, and finally the franchisees can only bear the consequences of poor management

Myth 2: the more franchisees, the better the brand.

the degree of market competition is fierce, and the strong support of manufacturers is very important for franchisees. With more franchisees, manufacturers may have no time to take into account, resulting in management confusion, not to mention strong support for franchisees. Manufacturers may turn a deaf ear to the opinions and problems reflected by franchisees, and the problems of franchisees cannot be solved in a timely and effective manner, A large number of franchisees will inevitably lead to uneven quality. One mode of operation may be suitable for one region, and another region may not be acclimatized. When there are a large number of franchisees, manufacturers cannot provide targeted professional services. In the long run, the relationship between manufacturers is loose, and they lack trust. Franchisees will face the situation of lack of manufacturer support and independent support

myth 3: wooden door brands in developed areas should not be selected in non eastern coastal areas

some franchisees believe that the information in developed areas in the eastern coastal areas is faster and the design is more fashionable. In fact, the high-speed and developed network will make new information released to every corner of the earth at the same time. As a leading city in the west, Chengdu is no less efficient in obtaining information than any southeast coastal city, More importantly, whether the ideas of producers and designers are close to real life, whether they pay attention to brands, whether they can provide better products and services for merchants, and whether there is a national development strategy. Only manufacturers with such ideas are the right choice for franchisees

myth 4: choosing a brand with a larger scale of production plant is more guaranteed

in modern society, consumers consume not only products, but also brands. Regular production is necessary, but everything is complete. The degree of guarantee that the scale is larger than the brand is not directly related. An enterprise does everything, such as wooden door manufacturers want to produce finger boards, pure solid wooden doors, steel wooden doors, and molded doors, Tiepimen, whose wooden door products are of good quality compared with those of professional plate manufacturers and carving manufacturers, deserves serious consideration by the franchisees. In fact, as long as there is a perfect quality control system to ensure the quality of the main products, it is not necessary for the factory to be large or complete

myth 5: the more brands win, the better

some businesses naively believe that the more brands win, the more powerful they will be. In fact, many people in the industry understand that the evaluation of many awards is not very valuable, and it is simply used to perfunctory consumers. As long as you are willing to spend money, it is not difficult in the industry to build a so and so award

myth 6: as long as the store is good, marketing and promotion services are not important

some franchisees think that they have a good store with superior geographical location, and they can get rich returns by joining a brand at will. This "location only" business strategy is undoubtedly very dangerous. In the current fierce market competition, there is a lack of strong brand marketing support and scientific marketing guidance, There are undoubtedly many difficulties for franchisees to explore the market. In fact, enterprise franchisees give a lot of training, from the basic quality of employees to brand promotion guidance, as well as professional sales knowledge training is the premise to obtain benefits, and franchisees can make profits. Such training is conducive to improving the loyalty and sales level of franchisees

myth 7: mercenary, illegal profit

some businesses are mercenary, blindly pursue profit maximization, create clever names, and use various means to deceive and abduct consumers: use various forms of so-called "upgraded configuration" to raise the price, or covert consumption, opaque fees, and make consumers' consumption unclear, etc. as the industry market gradually develops and matures, Such dishonest behavior will eventually be seen through by more and more rational consumers, and such dishonest businesses will eventually be abandoned by the standardized and orderly market

summary: only seven misunderstandings are mentioned above, but in fact, I'm afraid there are more than so many. Therefore, businesses should pay attention to objectivity and comprehensively consider various factors when joining in, abandon outdated and wrong ideas, choose brands with innovative ideas and strong social responsibility consciousness, and operate in good faith. Only in this way can we avoid mistakes, make correct franchise decisions and operate successfully




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