Seven elements of purchasing solid wood flooring

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Seven elements of purchasing solid wood flooring

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wood species there are many kinds of solid wood flooring, including imported and domestic wood, precious rosewood and teak, as well as popular sweet peas, birch, Fraxinus mandshurica, etc. because these kinds of flooring materials are different, the prices vary greatly. When choosing flooring materials, consumers should choose the flooring with stable material selection and their favorite patterns and colors

specifications from the perspective of board stability, the smaller the floor size, the better the deformation resistance. Therefore, we should choose short and narrow solid wood floors, and try to reduce the bending, twisting, scooping, shrinking, arching and other phenomena of solid wood floors. Floor experts believe that short is better than long; Narrow ones are better than wide ones, and they are cheap and good

moisture content the moisture content of solid wood floor is the most important factor that directly affects the floor deformation. The moisture content of the purchased floor must be close to the local equilibrium moisture content. When buying a floor, you must ask the salesperson to measure the moisture content of the floor. The method is very simple: first measure the moisture content of the purchased floor sample in the exhibition hall, and then unpack and accept the moisture content of the purchased floor. If the moisture content difference between the two is only 1% to 2%, it belongs to the moisture content suitable for the local laying of the floor

machining accuracy after 8 to 12 floors are assembled on the flat ground, observe whether the machining accuracy is flat, smooth and whether the tenon and groove are suitable by hand touch and eye observation. Neither too loose nor too tight

material use eyes to observe whether the floor is the same kind of material, and whether the board surface has material defects such as cracking, decay, peeling, dead joints, insect eyes, blueness, etc. Generally, there is no need to be too demanding on color difference, knots, texture, etc., which is the natural attribute of wood. It is the color difference and changing natural texture that shows the natural color of solid wood flooring, which is the current fashion pursued by family decoration in the world

paint quality after paint processing, the board is called paint board, and attention should be paid to three requirements and three none when selecting. Three if: the paint surface should be uniform, smooth and flat; Three no is: no paint leakage, no bubbles, no cracks

after sales service when choosing flooring, consumers need to consider a series of issues to prevent unnecessary troubles. For example: how to lay the floor? Who will make the bed? When will it be paved? How to maintain it? Who is responsible for warranty, etc





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