Theo doors and windows, the most beautiful woman t

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Today, the most beautiful woman is in Theo door and window! I wish the beautiful women all over the world a happy holiday. You have softened the years and amazed the time. The women coming from March are like blooming roses, gently playing the world's most beautiful hymn

happy holidays to beauties all over the world

you, soften the years and amaze the time ~

(Xiou door and window goddess Festival)

the women coming from March

are like roses in full bloom,

gently play the world's most beautiful hymn

fly on the earth where spring wakes up, hope

is as bright as the spring breeze, As bright as the sun

the woman who came slowly in March

stretched out her hands and held out calm wisdom like blue water

with the mystery of the bright moon

light and clear, beautiful and elegant

just like the white lotus in the clear pool

the woman is picturesque

like a touch of Guilin landscape

beautiful and magical

the woman is like smoke

as mild and hazy.Jiangnan water town

peaceful Quiet

women are like songs

they are like gurgling waterfalls

cheerful and unrestrained

women are like water

they are like clear and transparent streams in the mountains

pure and moist

quiet women

quiet and dignified women with elegant posture

women with elegant posture

as beautiful and charming as Tianshan Mountains In high spirits...

a song

can't cover the beauty of all women in the world

a poem

no matter how beautiful the words are, they can't express the feelings of women





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