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As the representatives of the new real economy, e-commerce and logistics have developed at an amazing speed in recent years, and the perfect combination of the two has also brought huge business opportunities. According to the relevant data on the express industry released by the State Post, China's express industry sent more than 30 billion packages in 2016, with a growth rate of more than 50% for six consecutive years. Against the trend, they have become the dark horse of China's economy. Then, is the huge business opportunity between e-commerce and logistics also applicable to wardrobe enterprises? Deville, the top ten overall wardrobe brands: e-commerce + logistics to build a new pattern of wardrobe e-commerce

the rapid development of e-commerce logistics

the necessary conditions for creating new retail. At the same time, in the market environment in which all industries actively embrace new retail and look for new development opportunities, modern logistics industry has become an important supporting factor for the whole retail business chain. It can be said that without the development of logistics industry, there may be no new economic transformation

when pointing out the trend of "new retail", Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba's board of directors, also said that online and offline combined with modern logistics can truly create new retail. At the same time, with the observation of the logistics data of the "double 11" in previous years, we have new thoughts and judgments on the impact of logistics on new retail

supply and demand matching, the supply and demand matching of logistics laid down at the end of the logistics channel, needs to analyze the logistics supply and demand in specific periods and regions, so as to carry out reasonable distribution management. Supply and demand also need big data technology to allocate and optimize logistics resources. It has strong consumption power in the third, fourth and fifth tier cities and some counties. With the growth of demand side, the requirements for express network resources in trunk lines, terminals and other aspects are also gradually increased

in the "13th five year plan" for e-commerce development issued by the government, it is proposed that: "Establish a logistics industry system that adapts to the development of e-commerce, and enhance the ability of logistics to support the development of e-commerce... Encourage enterprises to integrate social stock resources, vigorously develop distributed regional logistics distribution centers, and actively explore new e-commerce logistics models such as urban joint distribution. Policy guidance and support will accelerate the vertical and in-depth development of the logistics industry. Suning, which recently announced the acquisition of Tiantian logistics, is actually laying a foundation for the future The distribution channel is laid at the logistics end. This acquisition is to improve the distribution capacity of the last kilometer and make up for the shortcomings. On the other hand, logistics is an important embodiment of the empowerment of channel development

what is the development direction of wardrobe e-commerce in the future

logistics link upgrading, reverse enabling Omni channel logistics in the direction of Omni channel development, is no longer simply transporting something from a certain place to a certain place, but to empower businesses. In terms of the development of the wardrobe industry, we need the support of modern logistics to give full play to the advantages of all channels

wardrobe products are non standardized products, and the logistics services of wardrobe products are more complex, professional and characteristic. Wardrobe distribution has high requirements for "delivery, installation and repair". At the same time, it also needs to have the ability of product installation and after-sales maintenance, which is a major test for traditional logistics. Therefore, the installation and distribution of the last mile of the wardrobe has always been a pain point for the wardrobe industry

in the laying of logistics channels, wardrobe enterprises should not only have the ability of large wardrobe distribution, but also have in-depth network resources of large logistics in second and third tier cities and township and county areas. Ye Guohui, head of Alibaba's Omni channel business, pointed out that "Omni channel is just the integration of online and offline, which is a physical reaction. It connects offline inventory, personnel and the whole store system, and improves the overall freight turnover and energy efficiency." Whether large pieces of logistics can be delivered to home, sent upstairs, unpacked and installed professionally are all problems that need to be solved continuously

in general, in the future wardrobe Market, e-commerce must be an important auxiliary factor in the development path. Then, the future logistics model will also present diversified end-of-the-art services such as goods delivery to home, consumer self delivery, crowdsourcing, etc., so as to build a new development pattern of wardrobe e-commerce

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