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Nowadays, the living environment of Chinese people is not only good, but also slowly losing the natural space environment we rely on for survival. The outdoor and indoor environment is one of the survival topics we are paying more and more attention to at present. After the decoration of the home is completed, if you want to stay at ease, you have to test whether the decoration has excessive pollution. So, how to detect indoor decoration pollution? What are the methods of decoration pollution detection? Let's watch it with Xiaobian

indoor decoration pollution detection 1. Animals and plants are the safest.

animals and plants live in the same space as people. At this time, it depends on the reaction of animals and plants. If animals fall in activity, get sick, plants wither and turn yellow after entering the new house, it indicates that the environmental protection indicators of the new house are unqualified, and the pollution may endanger human health

indoor decoration pollution detection 2. Physical and chemical methods are the most precise

this method is the most precise. Generally, third-party detection companies will use this method, and ordinary people are unable to use it. The detection methods mainly include: AHMT spectrophotometry, phenol reagent spectrophotometry, gas chromatography, electrochemistry, sensor method, which you can know

indoor decoration pollution detection 3. Self detection method is the most intuitive

after the home decoration, if the whole family has low immunity, decreased energy, easy fatigue and other conditions, and feels irritating smell at the same time, especially when they are close to a certain furniture, they will have tears in their eyes. At this time, do more precise inspection as soon as possible and keep the room well ventilated. Of course, we don't want you to do this. It's best to stay at an interval after the decoration

indoor decoration pollution detection 4. Formaldehyde self-test box is the simplest

formaldehyde self-test box is the simplest and easiest method of self-test methods. The self-test box is similar to a pH test paper, and a value of formaldehyde is obtained through color comparison. If the tested liquid is blue, it is a sign of exceeding the standard. At this time, we should find a professional company to carry out indoor pollution detection as soon as possible, and then take further measures

indoor decoration pollution detection 5. The third-party detection company is the most labor-saving

in addition to the above methods, you can also find a third-party detection company, issue the relevant detection result certificate after the detection, and then take further measures

conclusion: you can choose a suitable detection method according to your actual situation to detect the pollution of home decoration and ensure the health of yourself and your family. It is suggested that if you have conditions, you can carry out a professional test, and then take corresponding countermeasures according to the test report. The above knowledge about indoor decoration pollution detection is briefly introduced here, and I hope it will be helpful to you. Please look forward to more information




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