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The bathroom is a place for people to wash away their tiredness and eliminate the pressure of a day's work. Now people pay more and more attention to the decoration and layout of the bathroom. In order to obtain a comfortable bath space, people often completely renovate the original bathroom

in addition to using excellent bathroom equipment, other relevant floor tiles, ceilings, bathroom doors and other places should also be paid attention to; However, in addition to these "hardware" equipment, design and construction are indispensable elements for the renovation of bathrooms. With first-class equipment, coupled with careful design and construction, the renovated bathroom space will make you more comfortable to use

there are many key points to pay attention to in renovating the bathroom, such as the selection of various decorative materials, color matching, space configuration, and construction details, which will affect the success or failure of the bathroom renovation

there are many kinds of ground waterproof materials, and waterproof agents are widely used at present. When laying the waterproof layer, it should be paved to about 20 cm above the foot of the wall, and at least not lower than the height of the threshold. When there is a reserved pipe on the floor, the waterproof layer also needs to cover the reserved pipe. After the floor is waterproof and dry, cement mortar must be used for priming or protective measures must be taken immediately to prevent the waterproof layer from being damaged

floor tile laying there are three main points for floor tile laying: first, there should be a drainage slope of about 1%, and the slope faces the water inlet under the floor; Second, the floor tile joints should be the same thickness and aligned with the wall tile joints; Third, when the front wall of the bathtub is built with bricks and pasted with tiles, it is best to paste the floor tiles below the wall first, and then paste the wall tiles to avoid cracks

the face washing table top should be "all-in-one" (that is, the surface material of the table top is consistent with the composition and color of the internal material). The table top with only one layer of surface rubber shell cannot be selected, because the table top with only surface rubber shell cannot be repaired once it is damaged. (to check whether the table top is "all-in-one", the light can be used to irradiate from the back at a close distance, and the table top that can transmit light is "all-in-one"). In addition, caulking agent must be applied at the joints between the countertop and the washbasin to prevent water from seeping out from the joints

when installing the toilet, it is customary to fix the toilet with cement mortar. In fact, this method is wrong. After fixing the toilet with this method, the toilet cannot be disassembled again. If the pipeline is seriously blocked, there is only one way to knock off the toilet

generally, when people build houses, they don't pay much attention to the ventilation equipment in the bathroom, and most of them just install an extraction fan. The bad gas in the bathroom cannot be discharged outdoors, but is still circulating in the bathroom

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