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Integrated development and innovation

use humanization

in the small bathroom space, the functions we hope to obtain are constantly satisfied by businesses and constantly explored. Nowadays, multi-functional toilets, multi-functional steam rooms and multi-functional bathtubs are no longer the patents of big brands. When people come into close contact with these multi-functional products, they are all amazed by the rapid development of sanitary products

when it comes to the intellectualization of products, any improvement of products should ultimately be for the convenience of consumers in installation or use, otherwise no one will pay for such improvement. Therefore, the improvement of products should develop towards humanized use

in order to meet the existing and potential needs of the market, continuous improvement and intelligence of products are necessary, and it is also necessary for enterprises to survive and develop. Continuous improvement and intelligent products have improved people's consumption taste, and also enabled enterprises to obtain more market opportunities and commercial profits. Therefore, the product is simpler, and the use is more human and intelligent

energy consumption and environmental protection

environmental protection and energy conservation is a constant theme in society. In addition, when the price adjustment of water charges is about to come out, environmental protection and energy conservation products must be favored by the market. In the sanitary industry, there are two themes: the use of environmental protection materials and water and electricity conservation

due to its special physical properties, copper is widely used in the production of faucets. Now, some enterprises in the market have developed stainless steel faucets, and with the marketing slogan of environmental protection materials, there must be a certain market space

the latest national standard of sanitary ceramics defines the average water consumption of water-saving toilets: the average water consumption of urinals is no more than 3 liters, the average water consumption of sitting toilets is no more than 6 liters, and the average water consumption of squatting toilets is no more than 8 liters. Such provisions are taken as clear market access. Energy conservation has become the product design direction and sales appeal of many brand enterprises

refinement of workmanship

with the enhancement of consumer brand awareness, more and more enterprises realize that quality is one of the most important factors for the long-term survival of enterprises. In addition, many domestic enterprises have many years of cooperation experience with international large brand OEMs, and have the ability to produce high-end bathroom quality, so bathroom products have become more and more beautiful

Product patenting

in recent years, many sanitary ware enterprises have complained about counterfeiting and infringement at international exhibitions, and have suffered varying degrees of losses as a result. In addition to the opening of the market, many enterprises spend money and time to develop and design their own products. When the market development is mature, they are wildly copied by the market and quickly enter the Red Sea competition. Therefore, patented products can be seen everywhere at the exhibition. On the catalogue of some sanitary products, most products are marked with “ Patented design ” Words, in order to distinguish in the market competition, but also to better protect themselves and customers in the market competition, so that they can develop well. Continuous progress





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