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The largest high-pressure polyethylene plant in China was completed in Maoming. The 250000 T/a high-pressure polyethylene plant with the largest production scale and the most advanced process technology in China was completed and delivered for production in Maoming Petrochemical yesterday, entering the stage of commissioning. Li Anxi, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and general manager of Maoming Petrochemical Company, attended the CCCC ceremony and required careful organization and overall planning to ensure the success of production at one time

the 250000 T/a high-pressure polyethylene plant with an investment of more than 1.4 billion yuan is an additional project of Sinopec Maoming 1million T/a ethylene reconstruction and expansion. It is also an important project to make full use of ethylene resources and improve investment benefits. The high-pressure polyethylene produced by it is the most scarce plastic product in the Guangdong market and has good market prospects and benefit expectations. This new device introduces the high-pressure pipeline process of Basel company of the United States. It has the technical advantages of high reaction pressure, high conversion rate and high operating rate. The material tensile testing machine usually performs the following five experiments: short time and high operating rate. It can produce 16 brands of products such as high transparency film, shrink film, cable material and foaming material. It is widely used in electronics, power, light industry, packaging and other industries, It is a thermoplastic product with high added value. At present, more than 50% of the domestic market demand depends on imports. The completion of the 250000 T/a high-pressure polyethylene plant in Maoming is conducive to optimizing the ethylene variety structure, meeting the market demand for high-end plastic products, improving the ethylene post-processing level and stimulating regional economic development

250000 T/a high-pressure polyethylene is a project with the highest technical content, the most imported equipment and the strictest requirements for construction quality among the four new units of 1million T/a ethylene reconstruction and expansion in Maoming. The operating pressure level of the imported compressor is the highest in China, and the extrusion granulator, ultra-high pressure pipeline, high 1, precision level; Key equipment such as level 1 pressure valve is also imported from abroad, which is very difficult to construct. In order to give full play to the production capacity of the completed ethylene leading plant and seize the petrochemical business cycle to create more benefits, Maoming Petrochemical made a decision to advance the completion and operation of the new high-pressure polyethylene project of CCCC that was originally planned to be completed by the end of April 2007 to March. In order to achieve this goal and make it difficult for the thickness and size of the film to further decline in the express process, the main leaders of Maoming Petrochemical put forward the project management idea of "being closely linked, pressing step by step, overcoming difficulties and completing on schedule". The construction management department scientifically planned, carefully organized and implemented 24-hour all-weather service. As long as the site was under construction, there were management personnel on the front line. More than 3000 builders from China Petrochemical Engineering Construction Corporation, the tenth construction company, the fourth construction company and other construction units gave up holidays and holidays, fought day and night for sunny and rainy days, worked against the clock to ensure key points and overcome difficulties, overcome difficulties such as many design interfaces, difficult on-site construction and harsh requirements for the installation of high-pressure equipment, and overcome technical difficulties such as the installation of ultra-high pressure pipelines and the hoisting of large pieces of equipment, The reaction dam with a height of 17 meters and a volume of 4143 cubic meters was successfully cast at one time, and the compressor unit with a total weight of 410 tons was installed in only 60 days. Next, I made a summary of the above and summarized four control systems for users' reference, setting a record for the shortest installation period in China. The construction of this new unit was started in April, 2006 and completed at the end of February, 2007. The construction period was less than 11 months, setting a record for the shortest construction period of similar units in China, and achieving high-speed construction and high standard intermediate delivery

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