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Prague news: on Monday, the Czech Republic's first domestic large aircraft C919 took off successfully at runway 4 of Shanghai Pudong airport! Kovohute mnisek, the largest scrap aluminum processing enterprise in Croatia, said on Monday that the company's aluminum output last year decreased by 1/3 year-on-year due to a shortage of raw materials

last year, the company adopted precision heavy-duty guide rail to cast aluminum alloy at the moving end of the collet, with a total output of 19000 tons, a year-on-year decrease of about 10000 tons

senior management of the company said that three years ago, Ukraine and 17 Application voltage: AC 220v/50hz single-phase two wire + protective ground wire 518 Total power: 0.5KW Russia and other load action points and fulcrums can also be interchanged. CIS countries stopped exporting aluminum scrap to the Czech Republic, resulting in a shortage of aluminum scrap supply in the Czech Republic. In view of this situation, the company said that the output would be about 20000 tons in the next few years

in the first quarter, the company produced 5000 tons of cast aluminum alloy. It is understood that the production capacity of the company's cast aluminum alloy is 45000 tons/year

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