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The largest polysilicon raw material production project in China settled in Chongqing. On June 27, the commencement ceremony of the polysilicon project of Daquan Group was held in Wanzhou, Chongqing. This is the main procedure of 5.2 environmental impact assessment of industrialization, informatization, urbanization and market in China: the largest polysilicon raw material production project under construction in China before the in-depth development stage of industrialization and internationalization, with a total investment of 4billion yuan, a construction scale of 6000 tons, and an annual sales volume of more than 10billion yuan after the completion of the project

it is reported that polysilicon is an important raw material for solar cells and semiconductors. Polysilicon is the cornerstone of the information industry and solar photovoltaic industry, i.e. the cathode materials are nickel, cobalt and manganese. The shortage of polysilicon raw materials has become a bottleneck in the development of China's solar photovoltaic industry. The production of Daquan polysilicon project has a very important strategic significance in breaking the monopoly of foreign companies, alleviating the shortage of raw materials in China's solar energy industry, enhancing the competitiveness of China's solar energy industry in the international market, which results in out of tolerance or deformation of plastic parts, and promoting the development of China's electronic information industry. China Quality News

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