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The largest paper packaging enterprise in Asia will settle down in Anhui. Release date: Source: Internet editor: China Packaging browsing times: 795 copyright and disclaimer. Core tip: Licheng (Suzhou) packaging Co., Ltd.'s "project with an annual output of 300million square meters of high-grade paper packaging materials" was established on March 12, 2014. The project specializes in the R & D, production and sales of high-grade paper packaging materials such as high-grade corrugated cardboard and cartons

[China Packaging News] the annual output of 300million square meters of high-end paper packaging materials project of Licheng (Suzhou) packaging Co., Ltd. was established on March 12, 2014. The project specializes in the R & D, production and sales of high-end paper packaging materials such as high-end corrugated cardboard and cartons

the project is located in the Northern Economic Development Zone of Lingbi County, Suzhou City, Anhui Province, with a land area of 244.5 Mu and a planned total construction area of 170000 square meters. The total investment is 600million yuan, including 450million yuan in fixed assets and 150million yuan in initial working capital

in addition, the project has introduced a set of 2000mm6+1 satellite flexographic prepress, the most advanced and widest core technology in Asia in Italy and Germany, a German bhs2500mm five layer high-speed corrugated board production line, a set of German Ducker corrugated board/carton logistics system, a set of Taiwan endurance paper roll logistics system under given external stress conditions, and a set of Sweden EMBA Taiwan Baowang is the most advanced automatic production equipment in the cardboard/carton packaging industry, including one full-automatic water-based printing folding linkage line in Taiwan, six Mosca strapping machines in Germany, and a set of OMP production management system in Belgium

the project was started in March, 2014 and is expected to be completed and put into operation in August, 2015. At that time, it will be able to provide 200million square meters of high-grade five layer corrugated boxes for Suqian Wahaha Co., Ltd., Mengniu Dairy Suqian Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Bosideng Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yanghe distillery Co., Ltd., Anhui golden seed wine, Hefei Rongshida Group, Hefei Meiling Group and other large carton consuming enterprises The high-grade three-layer corrugated box covers an area of 100million square meters, the annual sales will reach 1billion yuan, and the tax payable will be 35.5 million yuan. At the same time, looking back on the past 2016, our Jinan experimental machine factory thanked the majority of users for their support and love for our company, which can solve the problem of more than 400 local surplus labor forces

as China's manufacturing industry enters the critical moment of transformation and upgrading, after more than 30 years of development, China's paper packaging industry has risen from the awkward position of first-class products, second-class packaging and third-class prices to become a world packaging power. However, affected by factors such as late start and weak foundation, China's paper packaging industry is still in the primary stage of large disorder, low concentration, high energy consumption, low efficiency and serious waste of resources, There is an urgent need to transform and upgrade, establish a number of backbone leading enterprises, improve new industrial chains, promote intensive development, and catch up with and surpass the advanced level of international control methods

as the first chain factory project in China built with Licheng Packaging Co., Ltd., the largest paper product R & D, production and sales base in Asia, as a model factory, Licheng (Suzhou) packaging Co., Ltd. is committed to working with Licheng Packaging Co., Ltd. to lead China's paper packaging industry towards environmental protection, low cost and high quality by introducing the most advanced production equipment and efficient management team in the carton industry, At the same time, it will build the second largest carton R & D, production and sales base in Asia

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