The hottest and largest UAV show in Chongqing is t

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Chongqing's largest UAV show is tonight. The auto play switch is loading the auto play

at 20:30 this evening, another "Chongqing" will rise above Xi Street in Chongqing University City

at that time, 150 UAVs will present Chongqing's unique colors and elements through creative patterns formed by lighting

UAVs arrange queues at high altitude

what is the most important thing in Chongqing

light rail, hot pot, Dandan noodles? You can also give your answer

unmanned aerial vehicles queue up at high altitude

this is the largest unmanned aerial vehicle show in Chongqing's history, and it is a friendly interaction with Chongqing residents, especially the young people in the university town

the rehearsal scene of the activity is a demonstration to whom the environmental protection benefit is 10 points significant? It's better to leave some suspense.

the new generation of "Buddhist Youth" and "fleeing Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou" came to Chongqing.

this event was organized by the new generation of people - that is, the cultural and creative team that once created the national topic "Buddhist Youth" and "fleeing Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou". This is an important part of their dissemination of the event Chongqing at 4 a.m., and also a fun way to interact with Chongqing, a warm and special city

Chongqing at 4 a.m. is a short film jointly shot by xinshixiang and Youku for a real Chongqing story. The short film tells a love story spanning ten years, and the scattered urban scenery of Chongqing is perfectly integrated with the plot. Xinshixiang hopes to reveal the temperament of a city by waking up at 4 a.m., which has the least number of people

Chongqing features. The light rail is right next to the hotpot table.

II. The original team of the Spring Festival Gala UAV performance joined

in order to complete the entire short but shocking performance, the organizer has invited the technical team to do many live rehearsals and performances

to ensure safety, rehearsals are usually arranged after the early morning. According to the on-site staff, even late at night, passers-by will scream with excitement when they see the relevant Chongqing elements. It can be seen that Chongqing people have a strong sense of belonging to this city, which has achieved better visual effects

zero intelligence control is the top UAV performance team in China. They have performed UAV performances for CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Shenzhen's 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, etc

I believe tonight's performance is also worth looking forward to

viewing mode: at 20:30 on October 16, it was officially held at Xi Street (the square in front of the main gate of Chuanmei) in Chongqing University Town. You can see it 50 meters away from the north and 400 meters away from the north and south sides. (the specific performance time may be adjusted according to the weather conditions)

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