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The largest photovoltaic power generation parking lot in Jiangxi has appeared in Nanchang, which can both generate power and park

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a few days ago, the largest sunshade photovoltaic power generation integrated parking lot project in Jiangxi passed the acceptance of Nanchang power supply department and officially generated power. The project is currently 6. The construction will be carried out above the 90000 square meter parking lot. It is estimated that 6.65 million kwh of power will be generated this year

the project is located in Changyue Industrial Zone, newly built District, Nanchang City, with a total investment of about 53million yuan. The project adopts the development mode of contract energy management, using the existing total area of about 6. 90000 square meters of parking lot, the construction of self use, residual power on the parking shed photovoltaic power generation integration project. The project started construction in January, 2016, and completed in less than 4 months

recently, China News Agency visited this huge photovoltaic power generation parking lot project. Entering the parking lot, the project is no different from the ordinary parking shed, where all kinds of cars are parked neatly. Looking from a high place, the roof of the parking lot is paved with photovoltaic cell modules, just like a layer of shiny "battery plate armor" is paved on the shed

Liu Yi, manager of the project management department of Daxin Energy Co., Ltd., the investor of the project, Xiangzhong 7 Measurable curve: 1) elastic torque curve; 2) Viscous torque curve; 3) Tangent delta curve; 4) Loss angle curve; 5) Viscous elastic complex curve; 6) Upper/lower mold temperature curves (if upper L is abnormal); 7) The cure rate curve news agency said that the project uses the existing parking lot land for construction, which does not need to occupy additional land, saving valuable land resources for the local area. Most importantly, it can not only use photovoltaic power generation, but also provide shelter for enterprise vehicles

"it is expected that in the future, we will vigorously promote the distributed photovoltaic power station project similar to this kind of photovoltaic shed, which is also a new energy photovoltaic project supported and encouraged by the government." Liu Yi said that the project has realized the effective combination of economic benefits, environmental protection benefits and social benefits, and provided certain practical and Exploratory Significance for the future urban distributed roof photovoltaic and parking shed

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