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Quotation of three-phase four wire 60kW silent diesel generator

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quotation of three-phase four wire 60kW silent diesel generator diesel engine noise is a huge sound source composed of a variety of sound sources. We should firmly focus on the key common technical issues in the three major fields of aluminum electrolysis energy saving and consumption reduction, refined aluminum purification technology and high-end aluminum strip development of new products, increase investment in research and development, follow the noise radiation style, diesel engine noise can be divided into aerodynamic noise and general radiation noise. 2. Serious oil leakage sound from oil pressure system. Follow the generation The general radiated noise of diesel engine can be divided into extinction noise and mechanical noise. Among them, aerodynamic noise is the primary noise source. Aerodynamic noise is caused by the unstable process of gas, that is, the disturbance of gas and the interaction between gas and object. The aerodynamic noise directly radiated into the atmosphere includes: intake noise, exhaust noise, cooling fan noise. Quotation of three-phase four wire 60kW silent diesel generator intake noise is one of the primary aerodynamic noise of diesel engine. It is composed of pressure fluctuations caused by the periodic opening and closing of intake valves. When the intake valve is opened, a pressure pulse is generated in the intake pipe, and with the continuous activity of the piston, it is damped; When the inlet valve is closed, a pressure pulse with certain duration is also generated. Thus, periodic intake noise is generated. Its noise frequency components are mainly concentrated in the low-frequency range below 200Hz. At the same time, when these materials can meet the requirements of high-speed flow, Shandong Sida high tech mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce the experimental method of the fatigue testing machine: strength, high wear resistance, water boiling resistance, high temperature resistance, etc. when flowing through the unblocked section of the inlet valve at high speed, turbulent flow separation will occur, resulting in the generation of high-frequency noise, because the flow section of the inlet valve is constantly changed, and the turbulent noise has a certain frequency range, Mainly concentrated in the high-frequency range above 1000Hz. When the natural frequency of the air column of the intake pipe is different from the primary frequency of the periodic intake noise, the resonance noise of the air column will also be more prominent in the intake noise. Brand name: danizawa Power Sales Manager: Sun Chen business: straight line landline: buckle: e-mail? A>

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