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Quotation of cold water beach solar street lamp

quotation of cold water beach solar street lamp 4uer

quotation of cold water beach solar street lamp Oulang brand road lamp is mainly used for lighting municipal roads, rural roads and residential gardens. Its components are street lamp poles, street lamp bases, street lamp caps, inner lines of poles, screw accessories, etc. the light sources are high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, LED light sources, energy-saving, environmental protection, high quality and low price, The axial tension and change speed of the test piece are all available

the current solar street lamps adopt the DC power supply method to effectively solve the problems in the use process. Many users will also find that in the products of solar street lamp manufacturers, not only the appearance of the products has been beautified, but also the practical effect of street lamps has been transformed. For the development and design of lamps, the luminous efficiency of lamps has been gradually improved, and the installation process of solar street lamps is simpler and more practical, which can effectively meet the use requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, Therefore, it reflects the practical advantages of economy and practicality. Because the current solar street lamps are widely used in different cities and regions, the actual scope of use is very broad, including urban roads, residential areas, factory areas, various tourist attractions and parking places. They can all be used to the current solar street lamps, and can limited reflect strong stability in the manufacturing process of solar street lamp manufacturers, due to the special geographical environment

street lamp pole, as the name suggests, is the pole for installing street lamps, which is called lamp pole, and can be divided into: iron road lamp pole, stainless steel road lamp pole, aluminum alloy road lamp pole. At present, the vast majority of the situation in China is still dominated by iron road light poles

the streetlight pole is mainly made of high-quality Q235 steel

the welding method of street lamp pole is automatic sub arc welding

the street lamp pole is treated with hot galvanizing for corrosion prevention

high quality outdoor pure polyester plastic powder shall be used for plastic spraying of street lamp poles, and the color can be freely selected by customers

after testing, most of them work at 3.2V, so the calculation formula of 3.2V is more reasonable. The total voltage of N lamp beads in series =3.2*n4, and the working current of LED street lamp power supply is appropriate. For example, the rated working current of LED is 350 Ma, which is used up at the beginning of some factories, and the design is 350 ma

the sale time of the bidding documents: from 8:00 on July 12, 2019 to 17:30 on July 18, 2019 (Note: not less than 5 working days) (the supplier did not register, and his bid documents were rejected on site). In fact, the place where they lived was a cellar, which was two yards lower than the ground. To enter this room, people have to go through a passage paved with stones. But here is very comfortable; There are many cloth strips on the door, and everything looks clean and tidy; Curtains are hung around the bed and on the small windows. There are two strange flower pots on the windowsill - brought back by sailor Krishna from East India or West India. Huayi lighting, OPP lighting, Shengqiu lighting, Oriental Lighting, Pacific lighting, Kaiyuan lighting, Leishi lighting, Foshan Lighting, OSRAM lighting brand, we are actually very simple. We just want to move you with our hearts and us in every detail, and extend the lamp life by times. Street lamps are usually classified according to the shape of the light. Rare earth efficient energy-saving lamp (can be configured according to customer requirements), * protection grade: ip65* service temperature: -30 degrees to 70 degrees, wind resistance ≥ 150km/h * lighting time: hours (can be adjusted according to needs) * lamp pole height: 2 meters -4 meters (can be made according to customer requirements) * rainy days guarantee: it can work continuously for 4-5 rainy days (different regions/Seasons) (can be made according to customer requirements)

control proportion situation; 2) Turn on the existing battery powered street lighting all the way, just one-sided Street strategy all the way on the street; 3) In the middle of the company's strategy of turning on the lights at night, the lights had to be turned off, and the existing battery power was only used for lighting. In terms of energy, solar street lamps are based on solar energy developed by new technology. With the continuous development of the times, green energy-saving and environmental protection products have attracted more and more attention, and vigorously developing green economy has become a trend today. Solar street lamps use solar radiation as energy. In order to ensure beauty and better receive solar radiation, please clean the dust on the battery module every six months, but do not wash it with water from bottom to top. So what are the benefits of installing solar street lamps for us? The following solar street lamp manufacturers will tell you: solar street lamps save electricity, which is used for solar energy. The solar power generation system converts solar energy into electric energy, which can alleviate the tension of energy utilization

the stock of street lamps ranges from 28million to 30million. In recent years, the number of new street lamps is 15% - 20%, about 3million-6million. According to the number of new street lamps each year, all of which are led lamps, the annual increment is 3-6 billion yuan. The failure rate of LED street lamps used for more than 6000 hours is less than 1%. Lighting accounts for about 19% of the world's electricity consumption. If the efficiency of the lighting system used in the world is twice that of the existing one, it can be said that it is equivalent to removing half of Europe's electricity consumption and heat emission. Recently, a global independent test has been established, and LED street lamps can save 85% of energy. In December 2011, China produced 250million sets of lamps and lighting devices, with a year-on-year increase of 12.45%. In 2011, the output of lamps and lighting devices nationwide reached 2.5 billion sets, with a year-on-year increase of 6.38%. In terms of the output of various provinces and cities, in 2011, the output of lamps and lighting devices in Zhejiang Province reached 1.07 billion sets, with a year-on-year increase of 9.13%, accounting for 42.40% of the total output of the country; The output of lamps and lighting devices in Guangdong Province reached 870million sets, a year-on-year decrease of 4.44%, accounting for 34.43% of the total output of the country. In 2011, the LED market will grow from US $4.7 billion in 2010 to US $5.8 billion, an increase of 23%. LED has become a popular product for manufacturing, and it is very easy to cause car accidents. It is a very attractive investment field. In addition, government support for the industry seems to be having an effect. It is estimated that the LED market will reach US $6.9 billion in 2012 and US $11.1 billion in 2015, with an annual compound annual growth rate of 17.7%. The construction of street lamps in China has achieved rapid development. The lighting quality of the impact sample V-shaped and U-shaped notch standard sample drawings on the road and projection screen has been continuously improved. High intensity gas discharge lamps have been widely used, which has played a great role in improving China's investment environment, promoting rapid economic development, facilitating people's life, beautifying the city and building an export-oriented modern city. Therefore, efficiency is the fundamental factor that determines the service life of the power supply. The efficiency should not be too low, otherwise the heat consumed in the power supply is too large. The efficiency of non isolated type is higher than that of isolated type, which is generally more than 80%. However, the efficiency is related to the matching connection of the lamp board. 9. The main factor of the LED street lamp light source heat dissipation scheme is that the LED street lamp beads can greatly prolong the service life under the condition of not overheating. If it is to be used for driving, it can be completed by using multiple PIR sensors and LDR sensors for faster vehicles. But now it is mainly for human body sensors, not for the sensors used by vehicles. For human body sensing solar street lamps, the sensing distance of sensors can be selected according to the installation interval of solar street lamps

the main principle of solar power generation is the photoelectric effect of semiconductors. Silicon atoms have four electrons. If pure silicon is doped with atoms with five electrons, such as phosphorus atoms, it becomes a negatively charged n-type semiconductor; If pure silicon is doped with atoms with three electrons, such as boron atoms, a positively charged p-type semiconductor is formed. Solar LED street lamp design for road lighting system design, we generally need to consider the following factors: from the function of solar street lamp, the main function of road lighting system is to ensure traffic, improve traffic efficiency, protect people, provide a comfortable environment, and improve the image of the company. On the basis of meeting the functional needs of road lighting, improve the energy efficiency of road lighting system, reduce system power consumption, save energy and reduce pollution, so as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection. In addition, it is also necessary to integrate the actual situation of local sunshine resources without complaint, local normal continuous overcast and rainy weather conditions, battery panels covered by dust, temperature effects, various efficiencies of controllers and batteries, etc


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