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6000W gasoline generator, three-phase generator quotation

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6000W gasoline generator, quotation of three-phase generator product model to7100et-s frequency 50Hz rated voltage 220v/380v rated power 6kw maximum power 6.5kw number of phases single-phase three-phase noise level (7m) 65 starting mode manual/electric starting oil tank volume 25L net weight (kg) 85 engine model to-188fa engine form four stroke generator remarks self-contained regulator insulation grade F fuel model above 90 # unleaded gasoline engine oil volume 1.1L fuel consumption 395g/h continuous working time 12hrs size (mm) 720*500*560 after sales service daze original national joint warranty quality assurance warranty one-year lifelong maintenance

Shanghai daze mobile 6kW gasoline generator has low noise, good cold start characteristics, strong loading capacity Small size, low oil consumption, long service life, low long-term use cost, suitable for users who require low price and good quality. If you are considering a standby diesel generator, daze power will be your wise choice. In an emergency, after the mains power is cut off, the gasoline generator set must immediately provide power to the rear end load. Although the communication equipment has backup power supplies such as battery and UPS, these are short-term power supply equipment, so the gasoline generator set has become the last guarantee of the communication backup power supply. Once the load capacity and various electrical characteristics of the gasoline generator set do not meet the requirements of communication power consumption, it will not be able to supply power normally, It will lead to communication interruption. This kind of accident occurs from time to time. The normal temperature performance test of the whole machine is an important way to analyze the failure of the assembled whole machine and take corrective measures. Through the performance test of the whole machine, verify the reliability index of the whole machine, collect the information of reliability failure, collect the information related to reliability growth, and 100 whole machine performance test can find and correct the failure in time. Qualification of test instruments, meters and other equipment whether the test instruments and other equipment are qualified is the main device to provide the basis for judgment. It is necessary to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test. According to the national measurement standard with uncomplicated operation, at the same time, in the powder production and plastic knitting industry and the level of test instruments and meters, strictly enforce the measurement system, provide qualified instruments and meters and other test equipment, and make preparations as much as possible, Keep it within the specified error range and verify it regularly

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