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Beijing resin insulated dry-type transformer quotation

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Beijing resin insulated dry-type transformer quotation - Yuxin electric

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Beijing resin insulated dry-type transformer quotation - Yuxin electric

industrial boilers: horizontal boilers, coal-fired boilers. The heating forms include electric heating, oil heating, gas heating, water heating (or cooling), open fire heating, etc. the jacket forms are divided into jacket type and outer half pipe type. The jacket oil heating type is equipped with diversion devices. The mixing forms generally include paddle type, anchor type, frame type, screw type, wall scraping type, etc. the high-speed types include dispersed impeller type and turbine type. High shear type and propeller type are available for customers to choose according to the process. The transmission forms include ordinary motor, explosion-proof motor, electromagnetic speed regulating motor, frequency converter, etc. the reducer has cycloid needle wheel type, worm wheel type, planetary stepless speed changing type. The shaft seal is ordinary water-cooled packing seal, and the sample bears normal stress combined tetrafluoro packing seal and mechanical seal

the low-voltage coil is copper foil (a B in the model represents winding with copper foil. B in SC (b) also means the same). VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation) is used for both high and low coils. We are further strengthening the research and development of materials for insulation treatment. The surface is covered with a layer of epoxy insulating paint. SC (b) 10 model means dry transformation of epoxy resin casting (low pressure is copper foil). The high-voltage coil is sealed with epoxy resin, but it is difficult to pour epoxy resin into the low-voltage coil, but the end of the coil is sealed with epoxy resin. 10 represents the design serial number and the standard value of loss. The short-circuit voltage of the transformer is equal, and a difference of ± 10 is allowed. This condition ensures that the load distribution is proportional to the capacity

device ground: the reactor should be installed in a high-pressure operation room that meets explosion-proof requirements. When multiple reactors are equipped, they should be placed separately. Each two reactors should be separated by an explosion-proof wall. Each operating room should have a channel and outlet to the outside. When there are explosive media, the equipment should be well ventilated. After opening the package, check whether the equipment is intact. 10KVA dry-type transformer, with class B insulation, power frequency 50Hz. Compared with 10KVA dry-type transformer, the volume is reduced by 15% to 20%, which is quite considerable. The original volume of high-frequency 100khz10va high-frequency power transformer is relatively small. If the secondary winding adopts triple insulated wire, the volume can be reduced by 1//3. Electromagnetic compatibility refers to how the high-frequency power transformer violates the price of the foam granulator. It can not only produce electromagnetic interference to the outside world, but also withstand the external electromagnetic interference. Electromagnetic interference includes audible audio noise and inaudible high-frequency noise. One of the main reasons for the electromagnetic interference of the high-frequency power transformer is the magnetostriction of the magnetic core

when the primary winding is connected with AC, alternating magnetic flux is generated. The alternating magnetic flux induces AC electromotive force in the secondary winding through the magnetic conduction of the iron core. The secondary induced electromotive force is related to the number of turns of the primary and secondary windings, that is, the other size of the voltage is directly proportional to the number of turns. The main function is to transmit electric energy, so the rated capacity is its main parameter. Rated capacity is a customary value of power, which represents the size of transmitted electric energy, expressed in KVA or MVA. When the rated voltage is applied to the transformer, it is used to determine the rated current that does not exceed the temperature rise limit under specified conditions. Then use the normally closed contact of the contactor that controls the motor to connect DC24V to the brake coil. (the same is true for intermediate relay control) in this way, the electric brake of the motor is released, and the brake will be applied when the motor stops

soft magnetic materials with large magnetostriction produce large electromagnetic interference. For example, manganese zinc soft magnetic ferrite has a magnetostriction coefficient s of 21. It is more than 7 times that of oriented silicon steel, more than 20 times that of high magnetic conductivity permalloy and amorphous alloy, and more than 10 times that of microcrystalline nanocrystalline alloy. The power supply of control transformer and electronic tube equipment is also an isolation transformer. For example, power supplies such as electronic tube amplifiers, electronic tube radios, oscilloscopes and lathe control transformers are all used as isolation transformers. For example, in order to maintain color TVs, 1-to-1 isolation transformers are often used, and they are also used in air conditioners. Although there is an isolation circuit between the original transformer and the secondary winding. However, in the case of high frequency, the capacitance between the two windings will still cause electrostatic interference between the circuits on both sides. In order to avoid this interference and isolate the function of the transformer, the secondary windings are generally placed on different cores to reduce the capacitance between the two

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