Quotation of the hottest 40 kW silent gasoline gen

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Quotation of 40 kW silent gasoline generator

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quotation of daze 40 kW silent gasoline generator u toto's carefully designed commercial daze engine extends the service life of the generator, minimizes the maintenance and servicing needs, ensures fast start-up and reduces noise; it is equipped with large-scale silent silencing, superior low-noise operation function; low oil pressure shutdown system, which is greatly consistent with the 20 catalogue of key products and services in strategic emerging industries Compared with the 2013 version, the probability of generator damage due to insufficient lubrication is reduced; Side mounted control panel, easy to operate; The company has passed ISO9001:2000, gb/t international quality management system certification, CCC compulsory product certification and a number of gs/ce/epa/carb/ul/etl certifications, and has undertaken a number of national scientific research projects. The products have completely independent intellectual property rights

[company name]: brand of Shanghai oubao Industry Co., Ltd. - Daze power

[additional company address]: No. 188, Jinbao Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

[sales manager]: Zhu Ming



[contact email]: [email protected]

[enterprise q]:

[transaction method]: on-site transaction of purchase and sales contract Alipay transaction

[transaction mode]: transaction mode transfer Alipay, cash, check, credit card

[about products]: 17% VAT included, freight excluded, * * * 24-hour delivery

[main business of the company]: gasoline generator, digital frequency conversion silent generator, diesel generator, self-priming pump, power generation, such as kostron, and a spare tire cover technology electric welding machine, liquefied gas generator, etc

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