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The 2018 annual meeting of China supply and marketing UAV alliance was successfully held and won orders for 1000 plant protection machines

nearly ten million yuan were collected on site. Strategic cooperation was signed in more than 100 counties, and more than 1000 new plant protection UAVs were pre sold, which was defined as the strongest dark horse by many participants. This information was obtained at the supply and marketing E-Family new farmer conference and the 2018 annual meeting of China supply and marketing UAV alliance and the new product launch of Beijing China Eastern Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China supply and marketing UAV alliance · China Aviation). This conference invited the relevant departments and bureaus of the all China Federation of supply and marketing cooperatives and other headquarters Nearly 1000 relevant leaders and industry representatives from directly affiliated institutions and supply and marketing cooperatives in dozens of different provinces across the country participated

Wang Feng, chairman of the China supply and marketing UAV alliance and CEO of the supply and Marketing e operation company, said that since the establishment of the China supply and marketing UAV alliance in April this year, the team has made a lot of efforts and gained a lot. China supply and marketing UAV alliance is a shared agricultural service cloud platform built by supply and marketing e-home, which closely follows the development trend of modern agriculture, takes plant protection UAVs as the starting point, and helps partners build a county service system, build a county agricultural comprehensive service ecosystem, and integrate Internet, technology, services and other elements through the mode of interconnection + agricultural crowdfunding + partners. However, our goal is not only to build a supply chain of high-quality agricultural products, but also to establish a complete set of service chain system of agricultural products. Through the partnership mode of building UAV alliance, we are closely connected with our partners and go deep into the underlying projects to work together. In the future, we will strive to build a large platform for agriculture and rural areas, embrace more partners with an open mind, and expand the UAV alliance platform together

Xu Xiaohua, founder and Secretary General of the China supply and marketing UAV alliance, comprehensively introduced the operation mode and development process of the China supply and marketing UAV alliance. He said that the alliance's agricultural service business entry point, which is dominated by UAVs, relies on the partner + crowdfunding model to carry out business landing, integrates Internet and technology to build a shared cloud platform for agricultural services, realizes the sharing of resources between people, people and machines, and builds an agricultural service ecosystem. Complete the digitization of national agriculture through the data accumulated by agricultural service ecology, realize precision agriculture and smart agriculture, jointly build an open service ecosystem, build an agricultural cloud platform in the form of sharing, and build a partner model of organizational structure innovation by relying on the precipitation of business data, member data, planting data, flight data and other data, and jointly build a product system, training system, financial system and operation support system. It is hoped that more teams that recognize the mode of supply and marketing agricultural service will work with the alliance to strive for regional resources and jointly build a human-machine alliance such as constant speed testing, cycle testing, programming testing, etc. of China's supply and marketing e-home

long term Yibo, the director of China supply and marketing UAV alliance · AVIC, comprehensively introduced the achievements and new product launch in the past year. He said that after careful consideration of product positioning at the beginning of product development, we determined the name of the navigator, which well explained and highlighted the true meaning of our series of products, and brought the role of plant protection over putting paper packaging or cartons into full play. Since the establishment of the China UAV alliance, up to now, the alliance has carried out in-depth cooperation with dozens of counties across the country. For example, large-scale plant protection services have been opened in Yutian, Shanxi, Liaoning and Jilin. Mr. Qi talked about a case when sharing, that is, the company's customers in Jilin this year, the Procurement Leader completed 22000 mu of plant protection work area in just a few months, and achieved a lot. The comprehensive meeting of plant protection operations across the country has also attracted the attention and coverage of CCTV and media from all walks of life, which has rapidly increased the influence of the alliance platform

intelligent AB wheel patrol, ground simulation flight and obstacle avoidance system

the pilot series plant protection machine of China supply and marketing UAV alliance · AVIC has various intelligent systems, and millimeter wave ground simulation radar technology can be applied to field operations such as all kinds of terraces, undulating plots and hills. At the same time, it is also equipped with a microwave obstacle avoidance radar system, which can effectively detect the distance of tens of meters and hundreds of meters, so as to assist the aircraft to judge in advance and avoid the obstacles in front to continue to perform the task of plant protection crops at the position of 10 meters in advance. We have also realized the technology of one control and two computers, which will greatly improve its safety and responsiveness to accidents compared with one control and multiple computers. It is worth mentioning that the newly released new products all realize the function of intelligent AB round patrol, and realize AB point one control two machines. This technology can be said that at present, domestic 1. Do not click the "run" experimental button when the experiment is not started. Its feature is that when the last plant protection machine returns from the breakpoint, the second plane can take off at the same time and continue to fly at the breakpoint of the last UAV, So as to realize the continuity of operation and leakage of spray

intelligent solutions

China supply and marketing UAV alliance · AVIC has adopted the intelligent solution of a complete set of equipment in the intelligent plant protection operation, which is not only intelligent aircraft, but also as intelligent as batteries and charging equipment. Users can check the charging and discharging conditions, power and battery life at any time through the app, so that users can always understand and maintain the battery. The new product package series also includes smart chargers and smart charging nannies to help users intelligently manage and improve battery life in all aspects. The new series of products are not only intelligent but also accurate. The pilot series remote control has built-in m8n high-definition dotting instrument to increase the high accuracy of dotting. In addition, it is equipped with Hall non-contact sensor, which greatly increases the service life. At the same time, the image transmission distance of 1500 meters can be easily achieved, and the low delay is also a highlight of the new product. Even in the case of occasional signal interruption, it can also realize rapid automatic connection, so as to ensure the safety of plant protection UAV. All the new series products adopt modular design, which not only makes it convenient for users to replace relevant accessories in time, but also greatly reduces the purchase cost, and truly realizes the purpose of buying at ease and using comfortably

as one of the highlights of the conference, AVIC China, a major alliance of supply and marketing UAVs, released its new UAV, the navigator z-m15 (RTK) fog machine, at the annual meeting. The difference between this product and the traditional agricultural plant protection UAV is that it is specially designed for tall plants and fruit trees. It is understood that its spray width can reach meters, and the payload 6L can realize the operation efficiency of 30 mu of spray in a single take-off and landing, ensuring high efficiency. At the same time, the quality of this product is also trustworthy. The z-m15 mist dispenser adopts an imported engine from the United States, and the unique ignition system replaces the traditional spark plug ignition system, which can control unlimited continuous ignition, thus ensuring the stability of the whole machine

in addition, this mist dispenser also has three highlights: This product is the first to adopt the design of double barrel fog outlet, which greatly improves the efficiency of spraying operation. At the same time, this product is also the first design that can ignite continuously in the air, which ensures that users can temporarily turn off spraying during operation, save dosage and improve efficiency. Moreover, this new product is also the first device with very uniform atomization effect, thus ensuring the consistency of the overall operation effect

one machine with multiple functions gives full play

the navigator z-y10 is a new UAV with convenient hybrid processing of oil and electricity. Its engine adopts a balanced supercharged carburetor, which has the characteristics of fast start and low fuel consumption. It can work continuously for 40 minutes with 1 liter of oil. The operation efficiency has been greatly improved, and the income of the pilot has also increased relatively. It is worth mentioning here that the pilot z-y10 oil electric hybrid UAV is not only a plant protection machine that can spray liquid medicine, but also a seeder that can carry a seeder and a machine that can spray granular powder, so as to realize the multi-purpose function of one machine. Oil electric hybrid unmanned plant protection machine is a comprehensive flight platform that combines the characteristics of electric and oil powered unmanned aerial vehicles. Its endurance and load capacity are much better than most electric plant protection machines at present

the navigator Z-20 (RTK) is also a highlight product displayed at this conference. It has a load capacity of 20L and 6 pressure nozzles. Of course, only having a large load of 20L is not the biggest highlight of this product. Its biggest feature is that if the user explodes the machine, he doesn't have to worry about delaying the agricultural work. He can directly replace the two longest machine arms and instantly become a 6-axis plant protection machine that can continue to work, and continue to perform agricultural spraying

the navigator z-10s is also a highlight product released this time. It is an upgraded version of the previous generation machine Z-10. It also has the function of folding and portable, and is suitable for night work. The whole machine has a load capacity of 10L, the effective spray area can reach 5 meters, and the continuous operation can last for about 15 minutes. It can easily complete two flights

at the meeting, dongshuguo, director of Gaocheng supply and marketing cooperative, a representative of strategic partners, and jianyuxin, general manager of Huanghua nongyi e-commerce company, shared their feelings of cooperation with the China supply and marketing UAV alliance. They both said that they would strengthen cooperation and business scope next year. Wu Yan, deputy general manager of the planning and Development Department of China supply and marketing e-commerce Co., Ltd., also systematically introduced and interpreted the financial capital project policy of the new project. At the meeting, vice president Wang Liang also awarded the license to the core partner of China supply and marketing UAV alliance

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