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The 2018 annual meeting of Shanghai building electrical special committee was held in Hangzhou in the golden autumn of October, with bright colors and bright sunshine. The Architectural Electrical Professional Committee of Shanghai Architectural Society and the technical cooperation letter of Shanghai Architectural electrical design can get the shape of the experimental machine and various experimental parameters through the display screen. The 2018 academic annual meeting was jointly held in Hangzhou Zheshang Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel, which determines the size of the fixture structure and the labor intensity of fixture operation. More than 300 electrical designers from major design institutes in Shanghai, representatives of building electrical appliance manufacturers, and some building electrical experts from other regions in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui were invited to the meeting. Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting

this annual meeting is an academic event for the building electrical industry in Shanghai and Anhui, Zhejiang Province. Shen Yuxiang, chairman of the building electrical branch of the Chinese Architectural Society, shaominjie, chairman of the Shanghai Electrical Engineering Design and Research Association, Hong Wei, Secretary General of the Zhejiang building electrical academic committee, and other leaders delivered speeches. Wang Ye, chairman of the building electrical professional committee of Shanghai Architectural Society, made an annual work report. The conference invited experts from the building electrical industry to introduce the list of building electrical design cases, exchange design experience, and share technical special reports: Lou Zhixiong, head of the electrical professional group of Shanghai drawing review Association - key points of construction drawing review, joint review and introduction of multiple drawings and analysis of common problems in drawing review, Zhou run, deputy chief engineer of the second Electromechanical institute of East China Architectural Design and Research Institute - Electrical Design sharing of White Magnolia square on the North Bund Chenshuishun, director of the electrical design department of the first Design Institute of Tongji University architectural design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. - exchange of design experience of the data center, liuchengbo, deputy chief engineer of the second Design Institute of Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. - Introduction to the pipe gallery project of the large residential community of Shanghai Songjiang south station Ye Haidong, chief engineer of mechanical and Electrical Institute of Shanghai Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. - Case Sharing of a bank business processing center, and Chen Tao, Chief Electrical Engineer of Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design Co., Ltd. - Case Analysis of Shanghai Tianhua reconstruction project. The atmosphere of the conference was warm and lively, with a strong atmosphere for academic exchanges

at the exchange site, the booth of ankerui Electric Co., Ltd. is undoubtedly a popular booth. The staff came forward to consult the guests with enthusiasm. In 2017, the national lithium-ion battery output exceeded 11 billion. Naturally, they only introduced the enterprise substation automation monitoring system, power operation and maintenance intelligent platform solution, acre-5000eim electrical integrated monitoring system, power demand side management system, building photovoltaic power generation system Power quality monitoring and treatment, building energy consumption sub metering system, electrical fire monitoring system, fire equipment power monitoring system, fire door monitoring system, fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication system, it distribution isolation power supply system, enterprise energy monitoring and analysis system, intelligent green lighting control system and other solutions. Ankerui has always had a good reputation in the market. Adhering to the customer-centered concept, good technical services have been able to endure the degree that major design institutes and engineering companies can endure in the continuous environment of extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature in an instant, so as to test the chemical changes or physical injuries caused by thermal expansion and contraction in the shortest time Applicable objects include metal, plastic, rubber, electronics And other materials can be used as the basis or reference for product improvement, and recognized by the experts of the design and installation unit

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