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Fangyuan group's 2017 material supporting work conference was held

Fangyuan group's 2017 material supporting work conference was held

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on the occasion of the replacement of the old and ushering in the new year, Fangyuan group's 2017 material supporting work conference was held in the multi-function hall on the third floor of Fangyuan building on December 23, 2016. The conference took "meeting challenges and win-win development" as the theme to review 2016's work in product cooperation, material supply, quality control Work in market development, after-sales service, etc., summarize valuable experience in cooperation and development, analyze and discuss the market situation and business strategy in the new year, and jointly look forward to the development prospect of sincere unity, hand in hand, and achieving win-win results, so as to achieve the purpose of "conforming to the situation, meeting challenges, enhancing friendship, strengthening cooperation, and common development". A total of more than 120 representatives from materials supporting and cooperating units of Fangyuan group from all over the country gathered together to participate in this meeting. Heyongrong, vice chairman of the board of directors of Fangyuan group, presided over the meeting

Fangyuan group held the 2017 material supporting work conference

the meeting site

heyongrong, vice chairman of the board of directors of Fangyuan group, presided over the meeting

liuchangcheng, general manager of Fangyuan group, delivered a welcome speech, informing the development of the group in 2016, verifying more than 35000 temperature measuring instruments, and expressing the desire to innovate cooperation methods and strengthen strategic cooperation with material supporting companies, Under the new situation, IBM successfully developed the new procurement policy and supply and demand framework of the first integrated circuit group made of graphene wafers. Li Guanghua, deputy general manager of Fangyuan group, made a speech at the meeting, proposing new ideas, new measures and new goals for material supporting work in 2017, and putting forward higher requirements for the quality, scope, field and process of cooperation between the supplier and the demander

observe the demonstration of leading product prototypes

the guests visited the key production enterprises of Fangyuan group

GAO Xiu, chairman of the board of directors of Fangyuan group, pointed out at the meeting that in 2016, Fangyuan group worked closely with material supporting units to comply with the market situation, jointly respond to market challenges, timely and efficiently meet market demand, and achieve win-win cooperation and development. Looking forward to 2017, based on a new starting point and facing the new situation, Fangyuan group will actively formulate new policies and measures, stabilize market supply, rely on innovation driven, and continue to promote enterprise development. Fangyuan group will further strengthen and deepen the cooperation and exchange with material supporting units, close the cooperative relationship, strengthen the timely grasp of market information, support each other, help each other, trust each other, meet challenges and go forward together on the road of sincere cooperation, mutual trust and mutual benefit, and make new contributions to the realization of "win-win cooperation and common development" between the supply and demand sides

at the meeting, the supply and demand sides carried out extensive exchanges based on honesty, analyzed market trends, and discussed in depth the strategic cooperation direction and development goals for the new year

in normal work, after the folk practical simple toy shadow

meeting, the production workshop of the second machinery factory of Fangyuan group was built. The guests enjoyed the song "I am a craftsman" sung by the group's staff representatives on site, and felt that Fangyuan group advocated "craftsman spirit", forge ahead, innovate and explore, and treat the persistent pursuit of craft and product excellence

During the period of

, the guests visited the key production enterprises of Fangyuan group, observed the display of leading product prototypes, further understood the industrial structure, production process and production process of the enterprise, and spoke highly of the new atmosphere and new style shown by the continuous innovation, steady development, transformation and upgrading of the enterprise. We also visited Fangyuan group Jinding Industrial Co., Ltd., boarded Fangyuan integrity Jinding, experienced the development concept of Fangyuan group "integrity-based, integrity-based management", and said that on the basis of the principle of "sharing integrity, inclusiveness and understanding", we will further strengthen the close cooperation and communication with Fangyuan Engel to provide Duo machines for NCC for R & D group, and maintain a lasting strategic cooperation relationship. (this article is from Wang Xinjun, Publicity Department of Fangyuan group

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