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Yuchai machine 2017 annual marketing service conference was held in Nanning

Yuchai machine 2017 annual marketing service conference was held in Nanning

especially the American China Construction machinery information

Yuchai machine 2017 annual marketing service conference was held in Nanning from February 28 to March 2. Unlike the Yuchai machine marketing service conference held in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province in 2016, this year's annual conference was held in two major sectors, namely, car machine and non Road, and its scale was reduced, The number of participants decreased, but the focus was more concentrated. The focus was on "service". The representatives attending the meeting mainly came from service stations

the 2017 Yuchai machine annual marketing service conference was held in Nanning

adhering to the concept of "professional refinement in place", the Yuchai non road sector service annual conference is divided into four service symposiums: ship electric power, power generation power, agricultural equipment power, and engineering through curve can reproduce the experimental process mechanical power. The R & D and supporting capacity of aluminum processing enterprises is continuously enhanced, and then the summary meeting is held. The annual Service Conference of vehicle and machinery sector is held in the same way as in previous years, but two special conferences on truck power, bus and new energy power have been held in the early stage. Although the scale of Yuchai Service annual meeting is smaller, it gives more service station representatives the opportunity to have face-to-face exchanges with Yuchai management. The problems have been more fully discussed, and the meeting has been held more grounded and pragmatic

according to wuqiwei, President of Yuchai Co., Ltd., facing different battlefields, we must have different playing methods. The vehicle and machinery sector is the traditional advantage sector of Yuchai, and the policies and mechanisms in all aspects are relatively mature and perfect, while the ship and electricity sector is a latecomer. If you want to get ahead, you need to benchmark relevant advanced enterprises, rather than directly apply the existing and programmed thinking and mode of the vehicle and machinery sector

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in 2017, there were new changes in the service guarantee of Yuchai vehicle and machine sector, among which the truck sector will work hard in three aspects: highway logistics guarantee, key customer guarantee and network capacity construction; The bus sector focuses on building an exclusive service network for highways, providing fast services along the way, creating a two-hour service for urban public transportation, achieving 100% coverage of new energy service capacity and special delivery of accessories to stations. At the same time, sink the service network, build sub stations, improve the coverage of the service network, and adopt the star management mode to standardize the whole service network. It is worth mentioning the adjustment of the long oil change cycle service policy. The oil change cycle of Yuchai full series vehicle diesel engines has been extended to 20000 km, Yuchai yc6l and YC6M, but China has been developing and implementing the K and yc6k series national fourth highway truck or bus diesel engines for 20 years, and the oil change cycle has been extended from 20000 km to 40000 km, Yuchai yc6mk The oil change cycle of yc6k diesel engines for trucks or buses on highways above the fifth national level has been extended from 40000 km to 60000 km. In addition, the warranty period of new energy power has also been adjusted from 150000 km/3 years to 200000 km/5 years

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the non road sector of Yuchai will focus on the service work policy of "professional guarantee, improving efficiency; system standards, improving quality; intelligent application, creating value; business transformation, and increasing benefits", and will be implemented one by one in seven major aspects, including professional guarantee, technical guarantee, secondary network construction, parts guarantee, special work, post service market, and service policy release, through the goal of subdividing the sector, Continuously develop and expand Yuchai non road service system

the conference commended the service stations that made outstanding achievements in marketing services in 2016

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