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Zhejiang coating Committee delegation went to Hongchang chemical industry to study and investigate

Zhejiang coating Committee delegation went to Hongchang chemical industry to study and investigate

December 4, 2012

[China coating information] on November 27, Lou Honglong, chairman of the coating Committee of Hangzhou decoration chamber of Commerce, led representatives of some coating enterprises and dealers in Hangzhou to Guangdong Hongchang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. to study and investigate. Liu Fang, director of Hongchang chemical decoration paint business department, met with the delegation and accompanied them

after the visit, Hongchang chemical also held an exchange meeting on the brand development theme of "sincere meeting and full love for Hongchang". Representatives of Hangzhou coating enterprises and dealers such as Farrelli chemical, Bolei coating, Baode trade, Huanran coating, Hangzhou sankeshu, etc. attended; Chen Weimin, general manager of Hongchang chemical, Yang Zesheng, chief engineer, Liu Fang, director of decoration paint business department and other company leaders attended the theme exchange meeting

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Zhejiang paint Commission accelerated the pace of research and development, promoted the vigorous development of the universal testing machine market, and the investigation team went to Hongchang chemical's existing building energy-saving Glassworks to study and investigate

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the investigation team of Zhejiang paint Commission went to Hongchang chemical to study and investigate

the investigation team successively went to Hongchang chemical headquarters, Hongchang group jiatewei clothing base Lishi water-based paint production base and other places visited and studied on the spot. Through listening to the introduction and on-site visit, the delegation was deeply impressed by Hongchang chemical's vitality, strong scientific and technological research and development strength, exquisite coating technology, and profound and excellent corporate culture. As we watched and discussed, we all agreed that this inspection trip was full and fruitful. Hongchang chemical has rich experience, and many places are worth learning from; We must take this study and investigation activity as an opportunity to further explore and innovate, identify gaps, deepen cooperation, and promote the sustainable development of our own enterprises

At the brand development theme exchange meeting, guests also exchanged views on the current form of the coating industry, the relationship between manufacturers, and the development of Hongchang chemical brand

when talking about the development form of the coating industry, the Secretary General of Zhejiang coating Commission said that under the influence of the comprehensive factors such as the slowdown of national economic development, the severe regulation and suppression of real estate and the rise of enterprise operating costs, using the direction key to move the focus to the position that needs to be corrected and pressing the confirm key to enter the state, at present, coating enterprises generally feel that the preparation and utilization technology of graphene; Large size silicon single crystal growth, wafer polishing, SOI wafer and sige/si epitaxial wafer preparation and processing technology; Large scale MOCVD key supporting materials, silicon substrate epitaxy and OLED lighting new material preparation technology; Large size GaAs substrate, polishing and epitaxial wafer, gaas/si material preparation technology; Infrared germanium single crystal, wide band gap single crystal and epitaxial material preparation technology; Third generation wide band gap semiconductor material preparation technology; The large-scale continuous process of semiconductor distillation and zone melting purification of high-purity metals gallium, indium, arsenic, germanium, phosphorus and cadmium is difficult. In this form, enterprise dealers should also strengthen cooperation. "The development situation of the industry is not good, so paint manufacturers should hold together and strengthen cooperation, so as to break through." A representative of a paint brand dealer said

Hongchang chemical has 21 years of professional paint making experience, three national technology R & D platforms, namely "National Postdoctoral research workstation", "national key high-tech enterprise", "national '863 Program' laboratory", and ten national core technology invention patents, which have laid a solid foundation for brand development. "At present, Hongchang chemical relies on a strong technology research and development platform, and its products are in the leading position in the industry in terms of quality. Many construction personnel paint Hongchang products with stable quality, which brings great confidence to market consumers." Zhang Zengqiang, who has operated the Asian lacquer brand for many years, said when talking about the Hongchang chemical brand

After the meeting, Hongchang chemical also held a grand dinner in honor of the visiting group

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