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Online printing: huge market potential, capital constraints on development

when the online printing model was popular in the United States and Europe, many printing enterprises in Britain still had misunderstandings, and they believed that this field was only suitable for those large printing enterprises

UK's Photobox company acquired moonpig at an eye opening price of 120million pounds. The impact of this acquisition on the UK printing industry is mixed. On the one hand, this proves that the W2P market in the UK, which is slower than that in the United States or other markets, is obviously a market with great interests, which is worth printing enterprises to set foot in

w2p is often daunting. Precision colour printing company is a leading enterprise in the UK W2P market, explained Gary peeking, the company's marketing director. W2P printing enterprises often ask themselves how they can become the next moonpig. If they can, they will have no trouble

we can understand the unwillingness of printing enterprises. This kind of plastic bottle will prevent beer from escaping. Like moonpi Evonik, which is committed to the research of biodegradable materials g and Photobox, they have invested millions of dollars in their W2P system. It is almost unbelievable that such a large amount of capital is invested in the printing industry, which is mainly composed of small and medium-sized enterprises. However, those enterprises that have been in the W2P field believe that the W2P market is not only suitable for large enterprises as people think

it has medium flammability after mixing with hips. In terms of demand, e-commerce is a form of British consumer market, whether ordinary consumers or companies. Look at the consumption habits of your friends around you, and you will feel that more and more consumption is transferred to the Internet. Peeking believes that British printing companies need to catch up with this trend. W2P promoted the growth of precision colour digital printing business by 80%. In order to meet the growing demand, the company purchased two new HP indigo devices, with a total of six. They receive about 10000 W2P orders every day, and the number of orders will be as high as 30000 during Christmas

however, it seems that only Britain will miss this potential market. Matteo Rigamonti, the owner of W2P enterprise pixart, believes that the UK is now lagging behind countries such as Spain, France and Italy. In the United States, where the W2P market is relatively developed, Quarterhouse software is an important W2P software enterprise. In terms of process and technology innovation, Bruce popky, its marketing director, said: in the United States, the current situation of competition is rapidly making it difficult for those completely offline printing enterprises to survive. We have noticed that many ordinary needs have shifted to online

in Britain, the problem now is not that people don't shop online. The cooperation between Photobox and moonpig proves that people have great needs. It is more because there are not enough printing enterprises to provide this service

the threshold of funds is lowering. Jamie Thomson, managing director of redtie, said. We have reduced our initial resettlement fee of 7000 pounds, so customers can only pay 350 pounds a month. The average return on investment is about 3 months

Kelvin bell, the director of vpress, added that the installation cost of his products was almost negligible. There is no doubt that capital will not become an obstacle to entering the W2P market, he said

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