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Zhejiang consumers' Association: legislate to control the packaging cost

there is only one week before the Mid Autumn Festival. Compared with previous years, the packaging of moon cakes in Hangzhou market this year is more luxurious. Mahogany, gold, silver and crystal have become the materials for moon cake packaging, and the prices have also risen all the way. In this regard, the Zhejiang consumer association suggested that the state should restrict the excessive packaging of moon cakes through legislation

the price of pure gold "moon cakes" is 9680 yuan

at the moon cake counter of a large supermarket in Hangzhou, I saw a zither. When I opened it, I found that there were moon cakes inside. The manufacturer takes the zither as the outer box of the moon cake, in which are placed Chinese chess, four treasures of study, wine utensils, and eight moon cakes, collectively known as "Qin Qi life", priced at 1780 yuan. A customer nearby wondered: is this selling moon cakes or zithers

surprisingly, in addition to eating moon cakes, some businesses also craft moon cakes. For example, the Laofengxiang gold counter in Hangzhou building launched a series of pure gold "moon cakes", which are very similar to the ordinary Cantonese style moon cakes sold on the market. The most expensive "seven stars with the moon" costs 9680 yuan. According to the salesperson, 12 such "golden mooncakes" have been sold

Zhejiang consumers' Association proposed legislation to restrict product packaging costs

from the first ten days of September, Zhejiang consumers' Association has conducted an investigation on the problem of excessive product packaging. As of yesterday, 60% of friends believed that the state should introduce relevant regulations on inner and outer packaging of products as soon as possible, 20% believed that businesses should improve themselves, and 20% believed that consumers should consume scientifically and rationally

referring to the experience of foreign countries, the provincial consumers' association suggested that the state should legislate the regular collection method as soon as possible to restrict the product packaging cost. For example, the packaging cost should be less than 15% ± 1% of the total product cost (the actual amount is more than ± 0.5%); The empty space in the packaging container shall not exceed 20% of the container volume, etc

according to the latest statistics of relevant state departments, China's baking industry spends as much as 2.5 billion yuan on moon cake packaging every year, and the packaging cost accounts for more than 30% of the total production cost of moon cakes on average, consuming a lot of valuable forest resources. For every 10million boxes of moon cakes produced by enterprises, 400 to 600 trees with a diameter of 10 cm need to be cut down for packaging consumables, with the interruption of load and the change of size

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