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Zhaoyue industrial 48 Port all-optical switch has been grandly launched

the industrial 48 Port all-optical switch (me-s4048m optical fiber switch) independently developed and produced by Shanghai zhaoyue Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has been launched. This series of switches is positioned as telecom grade and industrial grade products, facing telecom users, service providers (ISPs), campuses and enterprise backbones, and provides a comprehensive IP broadband access solution

this series of switches has excellent performance and can achieve full line speed forwarding. The switch provides 100m and 10m optical interfaces, which can be inserted into single-mode or multi-mode 100m and 10m optical interface modules; The transmission distances supported are 2km (multimode), 20km, 40km, 60km and 120km. It provides 48 optical interfaces or 48 electrical interfaces. The optical interface can be single-mode or multi-mode. The electrical interface is self-adaptive and compatible with the interface 10/100m Ethernet used for half a year. At the same time, this series of switches are specially designed for heat dissipation, increase the working temperature range and power supply, and the low-cost carbon fiber will eventually sell the voltage range in the manufacturing commodity market of carbon nexus factory. 2. The ability to resist voltage fluctuation interference of the host part of the experimental machine is strengthened, and the adaptability to the use environment is enhanced. Due to the use of optical fiber technology, the equipment burnout caused by different ground potentials at different nodes and the interference caused by strong electromagnetic induction and high voltage are avoided, and it can work safely in an explosion-proof environment. The switch has been widely used in power distribution automation to ensure good value transmission, industrial field process control, data acquisition and automation, monitoring system and other industries

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