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Zhejiang Dabin valve has taken many measures to improve the competitiveness of its own brand and achieve stable export growth

in order to achieve stable export growth, Zhejiang Dabin Valve Co., Ltd. will unremittingly do a good job of Dabin as an independent brand in 2018, unswervingly promote industrial upgrading and improve the stability of product performance. "In 2017, the export of enterprises has significantly improved over the previous year, with an annual growth of about 10%, especially the new

in order to achieve stable export growth, Zhejiang dablin Valve Co., Ltd. will unremittingly do a good job of dablin as an independent brand in 2018, unswervingly promote industrial upgrading, and improve the stability of product performance. "In 2017, the export of enterprises has significantly improved compared with the previous year, with an annual growth of about 10%, especially the foreign trade sales in newly developed markets accounting for more than 25%. The focus has been on developing markets along the 'the Belt and Road', such as Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Russia, Sri Lanka and so on, with a larger increase compared with 2016." One of the most promising combinations in Zhejiang is the mixed lead halide perovskite, said Lin Hailin, chairman of jiangdablin Valve Co., Ltd

according to Lin Hailin, the sales target set by the enterprise in 2018 is to increase by 30% on the basis of 2017. "In order to achieve this goal, we must unremittingly do a good job of the independent brand dablin. At present, the brand has been sold in 108 countries and regions around the world, and has signed agents in more than 30 countries and regions. Promoting the independent brand is our long-term strategic goal. At present, the degree of automatic production in dablin is very high, and all production has been automated, including automatic processing, automatic assembly, automatic detection. In the future It will also unswervingly implement the strategy of industrial upgrading and machine replacement, improve the stability of product performance, and reduce the pressure brought by rising labor costs. " Lin Hailin said

deeply cultivate the "the Belt and Road" market

"In 2018, we will vigorously promote new products and improve the overall sales volume for old customers along the traditional 'the Belt and Road', such as the Middle East, central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Australia, etc. in the newly developed 'the Belt and Road' key areas, such as Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Russia, etc., we will increase market research, develop new products targeted, and support dealers to carry out market promotion such as dablin product appreciation meetings locally Extensive activities. " Lin Hailin watches worm gear reducer (now many products have combined deceleration and electromechanical in one)

we learned that in the fourth quarter of 2017, dablin organized personnel to conduct in-depth market research in Shaanxi, Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia to understand user needs and listen to user feedback. These central and western regions are also the corridors of the Silk Road Economic Belt, which are very similar to the market demand of Central Asia, Eastern Europe and other regions. "In 2018, we will focus on collecting questions and feedback, and study how to develop products for the markets of central and Western China, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, so as to further expand the market. In March and September 2017, we conducted two market visits to Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, went into the local building materials market, visited users, and found the entry point to expand the market. On this basis, we strongly support new product development and advertising for the local market Input, etc. In 2017, the sales in the Southeast Asian market reached our expectations, and the business development volume was very high. In 2018, we will maintain this mode of in-depth market research and interaction with customers, and will also expand some new market development modes, including assisting local dealers to hold product tasting meetings, so that more customers can understand the value of reaching the Berlin brand, further expand the local market influence of the Berlin brand, and attract more potential users. " Lin Hailin told

Lin Hailin pointed out that in the future, enterprises will comprehensively improve their product lines in the "the Belt and Road" countries. "In the past, our products were limited to traditional ball valves, gate valves, faucets, etc. in the 'the Belt and Road' countries, such as Central Asia and central Europe, many markets are dominated by HVAC products, and we will increase the promotion of these products in the target market. Now the enterprise develops about 300 new specifications and varieties every year, and the intensity of new product development will not be reduced in the future. The new products represent the technical strength of dablin, which will significantly improve the product of dablin The overall image of the brand in the hearts of customers. " Lin Hailin said

intellectualization improves product quality

in the future, dablin will also significantly increase the proportion of functional products. "When it comes to making valves, the general impression is that traditional ball valves, faucets and other products, but the proportion of functional products in dablin is increasing year by year. Adding carbon fiber can be used to enhance conductivity, such as pressure reducing valves, balance valves, safety valves, pre filters and so on. These products have a certain technical content, and the internal structure and functions of these new products have the characteristics of humanization, ergonomics, energy conservation and environmental protection." Lin Hailin said

it is understood that dablin's brand positioning is medium and high-end, and its product quality is close to some Italian brands. Product quality is the core competitiveness of Dublin. "In order to improve product quality, we will strengthen the standardization, automation and intelligence of production process. In 2017, we invested more than 12 million yuan in equipment introduction and personnel training. In the future, we will continue to increase investment, enhance the over-current and over-voltage detection ability of product material characteristics and product mechanical characteristics, and enhance the controllability and traceability of production process." Lin Hailin said. (Liu Yelin)

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