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From New Year's day, all food packaging bags in Yangzhou should have QS signs

in a few days, when you want to go to shopping malls and supermarkets to buy food again, or buy breakfast on the street, such as monofilament, stretching and snacks in the second stage of processing, you can carefully pay attention to whether the plastic bags containing bulk food are pasted with QS signs. Because, from January 1 next year, all plastic food bags should wear formal clothes with QS logo, and should be marked with food prompts. Yesterday, it was learned from Yangzhou Quality Supervision Bureau that some enterprises in Yangzhou have begun to apply for QS certificates because of inaccurate positioning. In some supermarkets in downtown Yangzhou, it was noted that many plastic bags that directly contain bulk food have not been marked with whether they are for food or not, and there is no QS mark. At some stalls on the street, steaming fried dough sticks and steamed stuffed buns are packed in colorful recycled plastic bags; Malatang, which has just come out of the pot, is directly put into a plastic bag set in a foamed plastic bowl. Many people are used to crossing streams, but why are there so many different products? Relevant technicians told customers that it was these common practices that made the harmful substances in the packaging pollute the food and threaten the health of consumers. Not long ago, the results of a random inspection by the quality inspection department showed that, except for general plastic bags, the unqualified rate of special food packaging bags was as high as 15%

it is understood that 39 categories of products, including plastic milk bottles, plastic wrap, disposable plastic tableware and beverage bottles, must obtain QS certificates together with plastic food packaging this time. The staff of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision told that there are not many production enterprises involved in such industries in our city, only nearly 10. At present, several enterprises have begun to apply for QS certificates. From January next year, relevant departments will inspect plastic packaging containers, tools and other products for food sold on the market. Once the production enterprises and business units that produce and sell without certificates are found, they will be strictly investigated

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