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Zhejiang bean products can't enter the market without QS mark

Zhejiang bean products can't enter the market without QS mark

the seemingly white and tender tofu may have been added with toxic substances, but you don't realize it at all. This is not alarmist, because the tofu in front of your table may come from an underground unlicensed small workshop

however, the probability of such a thing will be greatly reduced in the future. A special rectification of bean products and bean sprouts is being carried out in the province with unprecedented efforts. From next year, bean products will also be hung with ID cards and cannot enter the market without QS marks on the packages. Yesterday, the provincial and municipal quality supervision departments accepted citizens' questions on the spot and gave people a reassurance

industrial brine makes toxic tofu

the qualified rate of bean products is only 41%

miss you, who lives in the 15th home, likes to eat tofu. She thinks that tofu is not only delicious, but also looks snow-white, so she is more relieved to eat it. But she is afraid of eating tofu recently. Some time ago, she went back to her hometown and found that the owner of a small bean products workshop never cleaned the tools for making tofu. In addition, she heard from her neighbors that there was an ingredient called magnesium chloride in it, which was poisonous but could not be seen at all

it is entirely possible that additives are toxic. Shenghuadong, deputy director of Zhejiang food quality and safety inspection institute, told miss you, but there was no need to worry too much. He said that magnesium chloride is what we usually call brine, and it is a common point halogen substance. According to regulations, magnesium chloride can be used as an additive, but magnesium chloride has the difference between edible grade and industrial grade. What is harmful to human body is industrial magnesium chloride, which contains excessive heavy metals, but because its price is cheaper than edible magnesium chloride, it is used as an additive by some black hearted enterprises

it is understood that the quality problems of bean products are not limited to magnesium chloride. Microorganisms exceeding the standard, illegal use of food additives and even the use of non food chemical raw materials are not uncommon in bean products. In June, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision sampled 621 batches of bean products, 255 batches were qualified, and the qualified rate was only 41%

and the quality of bean sprouts should not be ignored. It is difficult to count bean sprouts incubated in family workshops across the province. Light weight and stricter VOC emission standards in cars will drive automobile manufacturers to choose TPV materials without guarantee. Through the spot check of 113 batches of bean sprouts, the quality supervision department found that the problems of soaking in dirty water, abusing growth agents, whitening agents, fresh-keeping powder and so on were more prominent

no listing without QS mark

enterprises that fail to meet the standards should be forced to eliminate

Ms. Huang, who likes to visit the farmers' market, has a lot of research on the quality of tofu. She can tell whether the tofu is good or bad by touching it with her hand. But she found that inexperienced Mrs. Ma was often easy to be shoddy by sellers. Isn't there a unified production standard to ensure the quality of bean products

Lou Liqun, deputy director of the food supervision department of Hangzhou Bureau of quality supervision, explained that in fact, there have always been national and local standards for bean products and bean sprouts, but some enterprises ignore national regulations and cut corners

in September last year, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) brought bean products into the scope of market access, implemented production licenses, and planned to investigate and deal with them from next year. This means that there are hardware standards for the production of bean products. When applying for a license, the manufacturer must pass the on-site review of production environment, production equipment, process flow, management system and product quality certification inspection. Next year, bean products cannot enter the market without QS mark on the package. Without certificates, enterprises that do not produce according to standards face forced elimination

in addition, in order to let consumers know more about the safety of imported food, the quality supervision department also organized an activity for Mrs. Ma to visit famous brands in the second half of last year. Let citizens see the whole production process of bean products, understand the production environment of bean products and the added raw materials, and feel more relieved about the bean products of the visited enterprises. Our similar activities will continue in the future

encourage small workshops to jointly strengthen

all undocumented workshops will be closed at the end of the year

special rectification has also attracted great attention from many small workshops. Yesterday, Ms. Wang in Hangzhou asked that her sister opened a bean products workshop in Quzhou. In order to make fresh tofu, they used it at night as a day and worked hard to earn some living expenses. What can we do if it is banned? This is what they rely on for the life of their husband and wife, which has caused great pressure on environmental protection

Wang Weirong, director of the food supervision department of the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, said that the province made a great determination this time, and specially opened 1 for two beans Tensile strength: a special rectification meeting was held. It is certain that small workshops without production licenses will not be allowed to produce in the future. By the end of this year, enterprises that cannot obtain evidence on schedule and small workshops within the urban-rural junction will be ordered to shut down

however, remediation does not mean that a stick made of graphene plastic composites kills all small workshops. It is reported that as long as they get the production license within the specified time, they can continue to survive. If they lack the necessary funds to update equipment and production environment, the quality supervision department encourages small workshops to unite and become bigger and stronger. The local government shall give a one-time employment subsidy to those who have difficulties in reemployment after taking the initiative to close down and close down

will the price of bean products and bean sprouts rise if they are taken seriously. Yesterday, many citizens consulted experts in detail on this issue. Aunt Liu said that her family loved tofu and bean sprouts, especially tofu. She would buy it at least three times a week. As a shrewd aunt Ma, she has considered whether her basket will be difficult to carry

in this regard, experts believe that the food safety of unlicensed small workshops cannot be guaranteed, and even if the price is cheap, it must be resolutely banned, which is also responsible for the health of the people

however, the ban will not increase the price of soybean products: on the one hand, large-scale soybean products enterprises are supported by government policies, such as water prices, taxes, etc. On the other hand, after large-scale production, the output of enterprises has increased, and small profits but quick turnover will not increase the price, but may reduce the price

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