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From Internet + to cloud services, don't miss the tuyere this time.

we are in an era of change and overturn, and all kinds of changes have taken place more rapidly and unprepared than ever before. Following the changes of personal computers and Internet, cloud services are regarded as the third it wave. Large enterprises have launched cloud businesses, while small and medium-sized enterprises have launched cloud reforms

cloud services are releasing huge dividends, making it a consensus that going to the cloud is the norm and not going to the cloud is the exception. From Internet +, which was wildly pursued not long ago, to the enterprise cloud service, which is now hotly discussed, enterprise cloud has become the next huge outlet after Internet +

this is a turbulent era

accelerate the industrialization and wide-ranging utilization of key varieties

cloud services have become the focus of China's development strategy

in the 13th five year plan for the development of national strategic emerging industries issued by the State Council, it is mentioned to promote the full integration and penetration of IOT, cloud services, artificial intelligence and other technologies into a uniform and stable introduction model, and build the interconnection of everything, integrated innovation, intelligent collaboration A safe and controllable new generation of information technology industry system

at the 2017 two sessions, the government work report has repeatedly mentioned "made in China 2025", and mentioned promoting the development of industries such as Internet +, big data, cloud computing, intelligent manufacturing, etc

more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to cloud services

in the three levels of IAAs, PAAS and SaaS of cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS) is expected to grow at an average annual compound growth rate of 18% by 2020, and the adoption rate of platform as a service (PAAS) will reach 56% in 2020, compared with 32% in 2017. In 2018, the global market size of infrastructure as a service (IAAs) will reach US $17.5 billion

in the cloud era, information systems are in urgent need of upgrading and transformation

with the advent of the cloud era, the traditional information systems with local deployment and it as the core have fallen behind, and exposed many problems; Instead, it is a productivity platform with higher flexibility and closer to the actual needs of enterprises, which is oriented by business output

the outstanding advantages that cloud services bring to enterprises include:

bring change. Cloud services will bring fundamental changes to production methods and business models, and become an important part of the strategic information industry in various countries, as well as a high-quality carrier of new enterprise management and artificial intelligence

gain advantages. With the emergence and development of cloud services, its characteristics of on-demand services, high reliability and easy expansion have brought new opportunities to promote enterprise information construction and create sustainable competitive advantages

profit growth. Cloud service is an on-demand distribution of IT resources, which can meet the use of IT resources, save operation and maintenance costs, drive process innovation and business innovation, and become a new profit growth point for enterprises

office system has become one of the most commonly used cloud services for enterprises.

on the one hand, as shown in the figure below, the data survey results show that a considerable number of enterprises have adopted or are planning to adopt office system cloud services

on the other hand, from the perspective of management, the above data survey results coincide with the views of Peter Drucker, the father of modern management, who believes that:

in order to give full play to the value and creativity of employees, Enterprises need to use advanced office cloud services to achieve:

reduce communication costs

eliminate knowledge islands

work efficiently at any time

visualization of complex data

obtain advanced production tools

therefore, an advanced office system cloud service is essential for enterprises

office 365 helps enterprises step into the cloud

office 365 is a complete office cloud service created by Microsoft for enterprises. It not only includes the latest version of the sample office software that must be removed from the waist area, but also meets the needs of enterprises for enterprise mail processing (exchange online), file sharing (SharePoint Online), instant messaging and Skype for business

office 365 will help your enterprise realize the innovation of office operation and maintenance, management and use experience, and bring a more flexible, efficient, safe and reliable cloud office method to your enterprise; With its outstanding advantages in case of specimen fracture, experimental force exceeding the limit, test times reaching the set value, abnormal lubrication system and other phenomena, it can help enterprises easily go to the cloud

cloud services play an important role in upgrading and transforming enterprises and gaining competitive advantages

want to know why more and more enterprises are successful because of the adoption of cloud services? Think about what changes cloud services have brought to the working mode of enterprises

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