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Zhejiang Dahua packaging first tasted the "sweetness" of circular economy

in the papermaking workshop of Zhejiang Dahua Packaging Group Co., Ltd., after washing the sieve and vibrating sieve with clean water, it was not directly discharged, but reused for beating. Ye liuxiong, the general manager, said that now the clean water in the plant is "multi-level reuse", and the sewage produced in the production process is reused after high-efficiency air flotation treatment, realizing "zero discharge" of sewage. At present, the water consumption of the company per ton of paper has been reduced from 60 tons to 12 tons, and 1.25 million yuan can be "squeezed" out of the water a year. Through frequency conversion and speed regulation, the paper pulp is controlled by different temperatures in sections. 0.5 tons of steam can be saved per ton of paper, and more than 3 million yuan can be "steamed" in a year

our company has many national production experimental machine projects. Dahua Company maximizes the utilization of resources by adopting "internal circulation", which has become an epitome of Jiaxing's vigorous promotion of circular economy. Facing the "bottleneck" constraints of factor resources, Jiaxing vigorously promotes circular economy, which not only saves valuable resources, "but also improves comprehensive benefits, and also cleans the environment. It has received the effect of" killing three birds with one stone ". The selection of conventional models or ground-based models can be based on user needs after years of development

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