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Zhejiang brother packaging machinery ProPak 2005 exhibition equipment

at ProPak China on July 26 and reduced production costs, the person in charge of Zhejiang brother packaging machinery company briefly introduced their main exhibition products to us

brother packaging machine ProPak 2005 exhibition equipment

in recent two years, this product has been developed through the feedback of foreign customers and technical requirements. This product is in the lead in China in terms of quality and operation effect. Water is mainly led by national scientific research institutions to carry out relevant topics, which greatly widens the scope of experiments and makes it an ideal equipment for sealing, edge sealing and automatic assembly line

the advantages of this product: (1) the durability of the mechanism is greatly improved; (2) the smoothness of sealing and the speed of edge banding are also greatly improved; (3) the performance is stable, and it can maintain stable operation for years; (4) the appearance is exquisite, and it is in a leading position in China.

recently, it launched new products: sealing series, sealing series, vacuum series and shrinkage series. In terms of vacuum series, advanced European technology is adopted to improve on the original basis, and the performance of the product has been greatly improved in all aspects. From the perspective of packaging, this product is the best partner in the follow-up process of packaging

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