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Zhejiang architectural coating brand alliance held a school enterprise cooperation seminar with colleges and universities

Zhejiang architectural coating brand alliance held a school enterprise cooperation seminar with colleges and universities

June 20, 2013

[China coating information] on June 14, 2013, Zhejiang Hangzhou coating Committee and Zhejiang architectural coating brand alliance jointly went to the school of pharmaceutical and material engineering of Jinhua Vocational and technical college for a school enterprise cooperation seminar, The leaders of the college and department attached great importance to it. Yu Dangqun, Secretary of the Party committee of the college, Wang Haowei, pharmaceutical and materials engineering, and the scientific and technological team were shortlisted as the top 10 high-level scientific and technological talent teams in the province. Zheng Maosheng, Secretary of the college, Lin Hong, President, Jin zhunian, vice president, and other leaders warmly received the coating Committee and the architectural coating brand alliance

The seminar was held in the conference room of the college and presided over by vice president Jin zhunian. Yu Dangqun, Secretary of the Party committee of Jinhua Vocational and technical college, welcomed the arrival of the coating Committee and the Construction Alliance on behalf of the college. There are many shortcomings and shortcomings in wood plastic products. Secretary Yu said that the cooperation between the college and school enterprises is a win-win cooperation. The college sends talents to enterprises, and enterprises improve the employment rate of the college. This time, I hope all leaders can give valuable opinions to the college. No matter what the outcome of this seminar is, this seminar will be a very meaningful meeting. Lin Hong, Dean of the College of pharmaceutical and materials engineering, then made a speech. Lin said that it was the first time for the industry team to visit the college. She thanked you for coming on behalf of the school, the major and the teacher, and thanked the chairman of the coating Committee building and the chairman of the alliance huangjinqian for organizing this meeting. The College of pharmaceutical and materials engineering, which was established in 2003, has now developed to 7 majors, among which the major of materials engineering technology is to train talents for paint making, paint mixing, technology application, quality inspection, and marketing, which not only need diversified valve types for paint enterprises. There is only one major in all colleges in the country. Due to students' lack of understanding of the major, it is now facing the problem of enrollment. Another problem is that at present, paint enterprises cannot retain people. President Lin hopes that the coming enterprise leaders can express their views, communicate with each other at the meeting, and jointly cultivate people and seek development

Lou Honglong, chairman of the coating Committee and Secretary General of the architectural Union, first expressed his heartfelt thanks to the warm reception of the college after listening to the introduction of the leaders of the University. President Lou said that the significance of this seminar is that enterprises need talents and the college cultivates talents, so the cooperation between enterprises and the college is mutually beneficial. The college establishes the major of material engineering technology to transport talents for coating enterprises. However, how to make waste plastics into high-quality printing materials is deeply welcomed by coating enterprises. The teachers of the college teach seriously, and his enterprise has recruited students of the college for two times, and he is very satisfied with these internship students. In the future, the college is expected to train more talents and deliver more "fresh blood" to enterprises President Lou then put forward his own opinions on the large number of problems raised by President Lin, and invited the leaders of the coating Committee and the architectural coating brand alliance to introduce their enterprises and express their own opinions. Among them, Zhou Xianyuan, general manager of Xiaguang coating, proposed that the children of employees of coating enterprises should be introduced to the college to study, and Xu Hongjun, general manager of nianlian coating, proposed that the college should train talents specifically for the needs of enterprises, which was approved by the leaders of the University, Other enterprise leaders also expressed their views, and the seminar reached a climax. Finally, Huang Jinqian, the president of the architectural coatings brand alliance, made a concluding speech. President Huang instructed that this seminar is also the ninth activity of the alliance, and it is also a very meaningful meeting. It is a great pleasure for enterprises to open this paint major in the college. At present, Zhejiang coating enterprises are small and many, resulting in more choices of students, so the mobility of enterprise talents is very large. Therefore, enterprises should communicate and cooperate with the college more in the future, and discuss with each other how to solve the problem of difficult enrollment of the college and brain drain of enterprises

finally, under the auspices of president Jin, the enterprise and the college preliminarily agreed on the talent training and transmission plan. After the seminar, I took a group photo at the school and visited the laboratory and experimental equipment of the College under the leadership of the school leaders. This seminar was highly praised by the visiting enterprise leaders and benefited a lot

members of the architectural coating brand alliance held a simple meeting and exchange after the visit, and unified this year's operation plan

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