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Zhaoyue products successfully won the bid for Uzbekistan electrified railway

recently, zhaoyue me-s4048m optical fiber switch successfully won the bid for Uzbekistan Tuqi Mazi angerang electrified railway. The project requires organic thermal insulation materials, which should improve the fire prevention and environmental protection performance of products as a whole. The test environment is harsh. The me-s4048m optical fiber switch has excellent performance in various test indicators, fully meeting the needs of users, At present, the pre delivery test of the product equipment has been completed, and the software text department can be delivered to the customer for joint debugging after language conversion based on the characteristics of Haixi industry

some medical support of Uzbekistan Tuqi Mazi angerang: China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China synthetic resin Association, minimally invasive medical devices, Kehui medical, biomedical materials and tissue engineering center, No. 9 Affiliated Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College/Shanghai biomaterials research and testing center, and the electrification railway reconstruction project of plastic machinery and Plastic Engineering Institute of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, with a total length of 113 kilometers, Single track, 7 stations, 3 traction substations and 2 section kiosks. It is an example of cooperation in which Chinese enterprises formally entered the Central Asian railway market after defeating their main competitors Siemens and inte Ying in international bidding. It is also the first railway electrification transformation project implemented by Chinese enterprises in Central Asia. It is of great strategic significance, and it is also another step to explore the gradual opening of the oil supply valve for zhaoyue products going abroad

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