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The person of the year of Zhejiang businessmen was announced. Alibaba Jack Ma took the lead in the Spring Festival of the year of the monkey, and the first annual "person of the year" selection of Zhejiang businessmen was announced. After fierce competition, 10 Zhejiang businessmen "men of the moment" in 2003 stood out from more than 2 million Zhejiang private entrepreneurs. They were Jack Ma of "Alibaba" station, Wang Licheng of Huali group, Zhou Dahu of Wenzhou "Dahu" lighter, Huang Qiaoling of Songcheng group, Wang Zhentao of Aokang shoes, Lou Jinyan of Hangzhou building, Zhang Pengfei of Zhejiang Hyundai Group, Li Shufu of Geely Automobile, Xu Lihua of "bird" Zhuang Qichuan of "nays" washing powder

The 10 winners were carefully reviewed and carefully selected by an expert group composed of famous economists Wu Jinglian and Zhang Weiying. Finally, they were selected from the 20 winners of the nomination award of "man of the moment" of Zhejiang merchants, who should settle the change of the experimental machine itself and its surrounding environment. All of them have a history of hard work and inspirational ambition. They are all leaders and outstanding figures in their respective industries or fields, and they are also figures who broke through difficulties and made waves in 2003, a year of sudden changes and troubles

Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba, the largest e-commerce station in China. In 2003, when SARS hit, one of his female employees was diagnosed with SARS, and all the employees of the company were forcibly quarantined. In the face of this sudden disaster, Ma Yun did not panic, but took his team to carry out online trading services at home. "SARS" did not overwhelm his station, but made the trading more and more popular. During that time, "Alibaba" created an impressive performance of receiving 1million yuan in cash a day

Zhou Dahu, manager of Wenzhou Dahu lighter Co., Ltd. and Secretary General of Wenzhou lighter Association. In 2003, in the first year after China joined the WTO, China encountered the technical barriers and anti-dumping investigations imposed by Europe on China's lighters. If we do not respond to the lawsuit, China's lighters will be completely eliminated from the European market, which is undoubtedly a disaster for Wenzhou lighter industry

Li Shufu, known as the "bad boy who took the lead in breaking the rules of the automobile manufacturing industry", made waves again in 2003: he not only continued to write the history of manufacturing China's cheapest cars, but also was the first to launch a Chinese made sports car "Mermaid", which filled the gap in China's sports car manufacturing. He also dared to compete with the world's auto industry giants, sued them for trademark infringement, and finally won the international lawsuit

when 100000 pairs of Wenzhou low-quality leather shoes were burned in Hangzhou Wulin Square, Wang Zhentao could not say how much pain he felt and was called "armored guards" in the military field. Today, he led "Aokang" leather shoes to win with quality, traveled most of China, and won half of the seats of "China's top ten shoe kings" with his four Wenzhou counterparts. He also went abroad and opened more than 50 "Aokang" leather shoes stores in Rome, Paris, New York and other places. Now he, wearing "Aokang" leather shoes, steadily stepped onto the podium...

why does Zhejiang, a small resource province, lead the country in economy for 24 consecutive years, and its total economic output jumped from the 14th place in the planned economy period to the fourth place? One of the answers is that there are a large number of hard-working private entrepreneurs or Zhejiang businessmen who dare to see whether the workpiece can withstand the torque in this range

"Zhejiang Merchants", like the "Jin Merchants" and "Hui Merchants" in history, spread all over the country and deeply affected China's economy. They are not only numerous, but also reflect the new style and style of the new era and new system. They can be seen everywhere, whether it is the western development or the revitalization of the northeast economy. Cangxi County, the poorest County in Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, has been a poor county for a long time. Since there were more than 3000 Zhejiang investors, it took only three years to completely get rid of poverty; In Heilongjiang Province, 150000 Zhejiang businessmen have invested a total of more than 5billion yuan. Wang Limin, the vice governor of the province, said with admiration that the Zhejiang people have not only driven the economy of the northeast, but also initiated the system and mechanism reform of the three northeast provinces. Their experience is a valuable asset of China's market economy

alternation of two generations

although the entrepreneurs who were rated as "man of the moment" are well-known throughout the country, in Zhejiang, they can only be regarded as the "small generation" of Zhejiang businessmen, mostly the second and third generation entrepreneurs who have grown up after the reform and opening up

Zhejiang Province, which is famous for respecting people's creativity and entrepreneurs, has not forgotten the older generation of senior entrepreneurs. Whether they are old or quit the "Jianghu", they have been given the honor of envy. The organizer specially set up the "senior Contribution Award" to award 10 senior entrepreneurs of the older generation, including Feng Gensheng, Lu Guanqiu, zongqinghou, Xu Guanju, Nan Cunhui, Shi Jixing and Lou Zhongfu, and let them serve as the award guests of this "man of the moment"

when the old, middle-aged and young entrepreneurs gather together, what collides is not only laughter and humor, but also profound ideological sparks

Xu Wenrong, the boss of Hengdian group, awarded the award to Huang Qiaoling. When he heard that Songcheng Group invested billions of yuan to participate in the construction project of Hangzhou Bay Bridge, he patted Huang Qiaoling on the shoulder and repeatedly said, "the younger generation is formidable." Huang Qiaoling said modestly, "old Xu should have retired at this age, but he didn't expect to build Hengdian into a famous film city at home and abroad. I heard that the next step is to enter the cultural industry. I admire him!" Xu Wenrong, who had lost only a few thin hairs, laughed heartily after hearing this: "I just want to build Hengdian film and television city into 'Oriental Hollywood' in my lifetime."

Lu Guanqiu, who is known as the "evergreen tree" of entrepreneurs, presented the award to Zhuang Qichuan, the boss of "nays" group. Lao Lu sincerely told Zhuang Qi that Lishui is an underdeveloped area in Zhejiang Province, but you set up a giant enterprise in 2016. The output of soap, washing powder and detergent exceeded half of the total sales in China. It's really not simple! President Zhuang replied with a smile, "Lu Lao, from our experience, we can see that regional constraints and the amount of resources are not the key to the success or failure of enterprises. The key factor for the prosperity of enterprises is people

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