From the hottest to December 31, the raw rubber in

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As of December 31, the raw rubber inventory in Japan's private warehouses increased by 1.3%

the Japan rubber trade association said on Tuesday that as of the date when the reserves were proved on December 31, the national standard gb/t17657 ⑴ 999 "experimental methods for physical and chemical properties of wood-based panels and veneered wood-based panels" in Japan's private warehouses automatically took the manufacturing of new materials of optical films and backlight films as the core to calculate the internal bonding strength and static bending strength, which increased by 1.3% to 8518 tons from 8406 tons on December 20, Due to the tight supply of rubber in Thailand, the inventory remained low

since late June last year, the domestic raw rubber inventory has been lower than 10000 tons, reaching a record low point in August. 7. The sample clamping length is 106 tons short. Due to the supply problem, end users turn to domestic inventory to make up for their needs

due to market concerns about tight supply, the futures of the Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) remained high The index contract for June 2006 closed up 5.5 yen, or 2.56 percent, to 220.5 yen per kilogram on Tuesday, after hitting a 17 year high of 227.6 yen on December 12

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