Manz laser cutting technology enters the medical i

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Manz laser cutting technology enters the medical industry application

manz laser cutting technology enters the medical industry application

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[July 13, 2018, Suzhou, China] - Manz group, a leading German high-tech equipment manufacturer, announced that its laser glass cutting technology has officially entered the medical industry. The DLC 820 laser cutting system of Manz group is specially developed for the automatic production of ultra-thin microscope glass. Based on Manz's m-cut laser cutting process, this technology has proved its value in the production of smart and tablet computers, especially in protecting processing materials and cleaning processes

dlc 820 meets the high requirements for precision and purity in medical technology.

at present, the fully automatic laser cutting system DLC 820 is the high-end configuration model of the laser cutting system freely configurable in Manz's new DLC series. The m-cut laser cutting process used is suitable for the high requirements of precision and purity in medical technology. M-cut stands for modified cutting: by cutting a line with a width of only 2 microns, the ultrashort pulse picosecond laser has slightly changed the structure of the processed glass substrate (similar to perforation). And then it can mechanically separate microscope slides and cover slides with variable geometry. BASF provided Brooke with high-performance products and solutions. DLC 820 can operate automatically all day long. It can be adjusted to a new cutting geometry without the need of a mold simply through software control. Compared with the 0.4 meter per second speed in the traditional mechanical cutting process, the cutting speed is as high as 1.8 meters per second

with m-cut laser cutting process, linear "perforation" (diameter is only 2 microns)

dlc 820 means higher quality standards. By using m-cut process, the quality is significantly higher than that of traditional mechanical cutting with diamond grinding wheel. Traditional mechanical solutions will cause edge collapse, which will affect the fracture resistance of the glass substrate. Compared with other laser cutting processes, such as glass melting or evaporation, m-cut process provides greater advantages: the edge roughness is less than 0.5 μ m; M-cut can also prevent microcracks or slight discoloration caused by laser high temperature

microscope slides, lenses and displays: the m-cut laser cutting process has no restrictions on the geometric shape of the workpiece

microscope slides and cover glasses for medical research and clinical applications are usually cut by mechanical methods, and there are many kinds. Around the world, dozens of different glass thickness (6-60 μ m) sizes are required, and billions of pieces are used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. "Using DLC 820 laser cutting system, manufacturers can greatly improve production efficiency, not only because its output is 4 times higher than that of mechanical cutting process", Anders pennekendorf, product manager of DLC laser cutting system of Manz, stressed, "in addition, our system no longer needs complex setup time, and all processes can be configured separately with software."

in addition to microscope slides, the entire DLC product line can also be applied to display glasses made of chemically strengthened glass and biochips with sensors for automated high-frequency analysis in molecular biology

technical focus of DLC 820 laser cutting system of Manz group:

· processing size of glass substrate reaches 1.5 × 1.5m

· the laser cutting speed reaches 1.8m per second, which is 4 times faster than the mechanical cutting process

· because the roughness of the cutting edge is less than 0.5 μ m, there is no need to re polish the edge

· the edge collapse is very small, which can realize the high fracture resistance of the microscope slide

· fully automatic, no mold is required, and can be configured through software: the manufacturer does not need to stop production for setting, It can quickly change the specifications of small batches

· it can perform special-shaped cutting

· it is easy to integrate measurement technology - automatic correction in the process, and always maintain high quality and high output

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manz group - passion for efficiency

manz AG, headquartered in roetlingen, Germany, is a leading global manufacturer of high-tech equipment. Manz company, established in 1987, has successfully developed from an automation expert to a supplier of production equipment solutions. Manz specializes in five technical fields, including automation, laser process, measurement and detection, chemical wet process and roll to roll. These core technologies will be applied to Manz's technical expansion in the strategic fields of "electronic devices and components", "solar energy" and "energy storage", and will continue to develop in the future

manz group was publicly listed in Germany in 2006, founded by Mr. Dieter Manz, and has its own production sites in Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Chinese Mainland and Taiwan; Manz group has sales and service networks all over the world, including the United States and India. About 1700 employees worldwide, half of them in Asia. Driven by the company's declaration "passion makes high efficiency", man provides a full set of testing equipment for the majority of users. Z promises to provide customers in various key industries with more efficient production system solutions in the future. With its comprehensive expertise in developing new production technologies and related equipment, Manz has made great contributions to reducing the production costs of end products for many of its customers around the world

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