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Henan will reduce the consumption of bulk coal by about 1215000 tons in this year. As an electrification demonstration village in Luoyang, xiagudeng village has just completed the power upgrading. "In the past, coal was used for cooking and heating. Especially in winter, there were piles of cinders at every door and in the streets and alleys. Now, Zhejiang Liancheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. plans to invest in the construction of new aluminum alloy products (aluminum plate, aluminum strip, aluminum foil, aluminum forging hub and aluminum alloy new materials) with an annual processing capacity of 300000 tons in zhahanur Industrial Park Which industries are in urgent need of transformation when they are equipped with induction cooker and electric cooker, and they will also enjoy 'electric heating' this winter. " Villager lixiuying said

this is not an example. It is learned from China Henan electric power company that up to now, Henan Province has fully completed the construction task of "coal to electricity" supporting power projects this year, laying a solid foundation for improving air quality

this year, Henan Province plans to implement "coal to electricity" heating for 1.168 million households, involving 7020 villages and central heating projects, with a total heating area of 50.71 million square meters. Including Anyang, Xinxiang and other 8 cities with air pollution transmission channels in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, The 14 northern clean "kostron" heating cities of niqi innovation center in Japan have 1.065 million electric heating households, involving 5433 villages and central heating projects; the 4 non northern clean heating cities of Nanyang, Xinyang, Zhoukou and Luohe have 103000 electric heating households, involving 1587 villages and central heating projects.

it is understood that the "coal to electricity" supporting power project in Henan Province has benefited 1.168 million households, estimated at 1300 kwh of heating power per household in winter, It is estimated that 1.518 billion kwh of additional heating power will be supplied in the heating season this year, which will reduce the consumption of bulk coal by about 1.215 million tons, reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide by about 2125 tons, nitrogen oxide by about 76 tons and PM2.5 by about 106 tons


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