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Great changes will take place in the market demand structure of machine tool products. The proportion of medium and high-grade CNC machine tools will increase significantly, the proportion of economic CNC machine tools will not change much, and the demand for non CNC ordinary machine tools will decrease significantly. "This is bound to happen because the trend has been seen." Wu said

the change of demand structure has been confirmed by many parties.

analysis and research show that the demand for CNC machine tools in major industries of the national economy is growing steadily. In the future, China's automobile output will still maintain a certain growth rate, the automobile parts industry will have new development, and the automobile industry will become the first important user of machine tool products; The development of aviation, aerospace, it and other high-tech industries and the modernization of national defense need a large number of high-efficiency, precision, intelligent, multi coordinate linkage and special CNC machine tools; In order to improve their international competitiveness, traditional industries such as machinery, textile, metallurgy, petrochemical, shipbuilding and rail transit are paying close attention to the technological transformation of enterprises. The original large demand for ordinary machine tools and economic CNC machine tools will gradually rise to the demand for universal and advanced CNC machine tools; The implementation of major strategic arrangements for economic development, such as the transformation of the old industrial base in the northeast, the great development of the West and the rise of the central region, has opened a new market for the machine tool industry; The international market of domestic CNC machine tools will be further expanded, and universal CNC machine tools and other machine tools with high added value will gradually enter the international market

it can be seen from the industrial policies of major industries that need CNC machine tools that the development path of industries such as automobile, aerospace, aviation and power generation equipment is no longer to expand the scale, but to focus on improving the quality and level of products. Therefore, these industries will also need more high-end CNC machine tools

the information fed back by some machine tool manufacturers to the China Machine Tool Industry Association also shows that since the second half of last year, the sales of small and medium-sized ordinary machine tools have begun to decline, while the sales of CNC machine tools have increased. This also confirms the change of market demand structure of machine tool products from another side

the growth rate will decline by more than half.

in the past three years, the cantilever hanging pendulum machine tool industry has maintained an annual growth rate of about 30%. Wu believes that there will not be such a high growth rate in the future. He predicted that the growth rate of the machine tool industry in 2005 would be between 10%~15% "better 15% and worse 10%."

however, wubolin believes that the machine tool industry will not repeat the situation of continuous downturn four to five years ago. "In terms of national macroeconomic policies, we should strengthen and improve macro-control, and implement the policy of maintaining pressure. From the perspective of the content of the guarantee, we need to have large, most important, high-grade machine tool products to support the overall quantity, otherwise we can't guarantee it; from the perspective of the content of the pressure, the demand for non CNC ordinary machine tools will drop significantly. However, from the perspective of the total demand, there will be no negative growth, at least not before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games."

the growth rate of the total volume declines, but the demand for high-end CNC machine tools will increase. This is a challenge for machine tool enterprises. Because from the actual situation, not all machine tool enterprises are working overtime, and many high-end products can not even keep up with the development of demand. It is also in this case that foreign high-end products have entered the market, monopolizing the growing high-end CNC machine tool market in China, which has realized the transformation and upgrading of the industry to the medium and high-end, and thus obtained high profits. You know, even the more than 3300 CNC machine tools sold by Taiwan, China to the mainland last year are not as valuable as the hundreds sold by Germany and Japan


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