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Henan Unicom: the distributed cloud data center brings differentiated cloud services

in February 2017, China Unicom Henan Branch (hereinafter referred to as Henan Unicom) and Huawei successfully deployed the distributed cloud data center to provide localized cloud services with low latency, data security isolation and unified platform management, effectively meeting the growing cloud service needs of local governments, medical care, education and small and medium-sized enterprises

cloud transformation faces new challenges

operators' traditional businesses are becoming saturated, and their digital transformation needs are becoming more and more urgent. Emerging technologies such as big data, IOT and artificial intelligence provide operators with new business growth points. Henan Unicom is actively planning for the future, but it also faces many challenges during the transformation

with the development of all-optical construction, Henan Unicom has hundreds of PSTN computer rooms in the whole province facing retirement. These computer rooms are distributed in different offices. How to make full use of the old and avoid the waste of computer room resources has become the key for Henan Unicom to reduce capex

at present, Henan Unicom has launched 4K HD service. In the future, each district/county office will reach hundreds of thousands of IPTV HD users. According to the bandwidth of 30m code stream, 30% of users are concurrent on average. It requires an elastic network with Super bandwidth to meet the demand. In addition to deploying CDN to support its own video cloud business, opening CDN capabilities to the outside world, and exploring backward B2B business model have become innovative growth points of the business. Only by building a large-scale elastic and scalable SDN network can we ensure the rapid and sustainable development of the corresponding business

in addition, local governments, medical, education industries and small and medium-sized enterprises have rich demands for cloud services, such as dual active hot standby, desktop cloud, cloud travel, M2M and other businesses, which require low delay support such as bone fixation devices to obtain a good experience. How to meet the policy requirements and preferences of some government and enterprise customers for business resources nearby has also become an important prerequisite for Henan Unicom to provide differentiated services

whether based on implementation or purchase cost, operators' businesses have open demand for equipment at all levels of the network. With more and more differentiated service demands from customers, operators need to carry out customized development through open ports and provide one-stop self-service to continuously attract new customers. In addition, with the continuous growth of data center business, massive tenants, dynamic migration and border disintegration have become new security risks. How to provide high reliability security protection for cloud data center network with high business complexity has become a new problem in the process of cloud transformation of operators

distributed architecture shows its magic power

Henan Unicom cooperates closely with Huawei and the Network Technology Research Institute of China Unicom Group to jointly launch a safe and reliable localized cloud service network solution to provide the driving force for transformation

in this well-designed scheme, the 1+4+n distributed architecture is innovatively adopted. Among them, 1 refers to the construction of a provincial cloud data center management platform in Zhongyuan base. With the help of Huawei cloudfabric cloud collaboration capability, it can open and connect with major cloud platforms, easily realize the unified management and operation of data centers in various cities, and pay attention to turning off the main motor source and resource scheduling; 4 refers to that cities in the province are divided into four regions in the southeast and northwest according to their geographical location, and vxlan (virtual extensible LAN) technology is used to realize network elastic interconnection within and across regions; N refers to n municipal data centers in each region that provide localized cloud services and rack and bandwidth rental services. The whole scheme is flexible, open and secure, and can support the long-term sustainable development of cloud business

pstn machine room transformation to provide localized services

a large number of PSTN machine rooms vacated by Henan Unicom are fully evaluated and reused, and the machine rooms with good transmission, power supply, air conditioning and other resources are transformed into VDC (virtual data center) as required to provide reliable and safe localized cloud services. While making full use of the resources of the old computer room, the CDN network is extended and deployed to the office end, closer to the users, fully ensuring the experience of dual active hot standby, desktop cloud, cloud travel, M2M and other low delay services, and meeting the demands of government and enterprise customers for using resources nearby, such as the government related businesses need a more reliable access environment, and IAAs maintenance is more convenient. This mode of close fitting resources has greatly improved the business experience and built a huge advantage of differentiated services over Ott

network elastic expansion to meet future business needs

Henan Unicom, with the help of Huawei's cloudfabric scheme's advanced spine/leaf network architecture, through the large-scale cloud data center network composed of ce12800 core switches and CE series tor switches, enables a single data center to access more than 20000 servers. With the agile controller controller, it can conduct business-oriented network automation configuration, It can not only meet the launch of high-definition IPTV, VR and other large bandwidth services, but also provide an elastic and easy to expand network environment for subsequent virtual machine migration and other services through network resource pooling. With the further development of various cloud services, there will be various access methods such as physical machines, virtual machines and docker containers in the network. The cloudfabric scheme can meet the needs of various existing environments, realize resource reuse, flexible group elasticity and greatly improve resource utilization

open and secure, to protect the cloud network

for distributed cloud data centers such as Henan Unicom, network security cannot be ignored and must be strictly guaranteed. Huawei cloudfabric has advanced equipment open architecture and docking capabilities. It is very sophisticated in the process of cloud platforms, controllers, VAS, virtualization platforms, etc. it has carried out in-depth cooperation with more than 20 leading ICT manufacturers and standardization organizations in the industry, such as VMware, openstack, brocade, puppet, F5, etc. It can be compatible with heterogeneous network devices at all levels, and even realize docking with customers' self-developed cloud platforms, Give customers great autonomy. In addition to providing decentralized and domain management and ensuring the security isolation of services, cloudfabric also introduces effective security technologies such as anti DDoS traffic cleaning, ips/ids intrusion prevention, ave anti-virus engine, etc. combined with the powerful and refined operation and maintenance capabilities provided by the scheme, it can cope with the increasingly complex network security environment and provide all-round and multi-level cloud data center network security

Henan Unicom and Huawei have actively explored the business scenarios under the cloud computing wave and the future evolution direction of the network. They have successfully deployed an elastic, open and secure distributed cloud data center to provide high-quality localized cloud services for government and enterprise customers and seize the lead in the blue ocean market of cloud services


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