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In 2010, the market demand for polyurethane rigid foam was optimistic

further research is needed in 2009. At the world climate conference in Copenhagen, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao announced in the speech of ball screw: the ball screw and trapezoidal screw currently used in the electronic universal experimental machine that China's solar water heater has the largest heat collection area in the world, making a positive contribution to the world's energy conservation and emission reduction. Under the influence of the global focus on energy conservation and emission reduction, the solar water heater has attracted the attention of all parties recently

recently, it was reported that Beijing has issued a policy that the newly-built affordable housing is expected to be fully equipped with solar energy. This favorable policy will not only bring market demand to the solar energy industry in 2010, but also bring market demand to the polyurethane rigid foam for solar energy. A relevant person from the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission said that it would introduce a policy to encourage the use of solar energy, and there would be corresponding subsidies for investment. For example, for general commercial housing, enterprises would be mainly considered to invest, and developers would be encouraged to install solar equipment. The government would give certain subsidies according to the area and other factors, and the government might invest in affordable housing

in addition, it is understood that some cities in China are also introducing policies to promote the measures and policies of integrated design and construction of solar water heaters and buildings in the low-rise and multi-storey residential buildings of new residential communities within the planning area

polyurethane insiders said that polyurethane, as a thermal insulation material, has formed large-scale applications in solar water heaters, solar heating systems, solar refrigeration systems, etc. In 2009, the "solar energy to the countryside" policy had a huge impact on the demand of the solar energy industry. Affected by this, the growth rate of polyurethane in the solar energy industry in 2009 was 30%. Next year, the scope of "solar energy to the countryside" will be larger. Since 2016, the country has launched four rounds of central environmental protection supervision actions, with more enterprises and a wider variety. It is expected that the growth rate of polyurethane rigid foam for solar energy will reach 40% in 2010

in 2009, after the solar energy industry experienced the "solar roof plan" and "solar energy to the countryside", a new round of solar energy boom in China was gradually spreading at the end of the year and continued in 2010. In 2010, the solar energy market demand will also bring new market demand for the upstream raw material polyurethane rigid foam

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