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The market development of China's titanium dioxide industry is becoming more and more mature

the market development of China's titanium dioxide industry is becoming more and more mature

June 20, 2007

[China coating information] according to the latest statistical results of IBM factory layout international company, which specializes in tracking world investment projects, China has ranked first in the world in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries for the third consecutive year. Kevinswift, chief economist of the American Chemical Council (ACC), believes that the long-term development prospect of China's chemical industry is promising. In 2005, China ranked third in the world after the United States and Japan with a chemical market size of 264billion US dollars per year, surpassing Germany's output value of 223billion US dollars

the China chemical industry park dedicated to development by China Petroleum and chemical industry association plays an important role in promoting investment, attracting foreign investment, promoting industrial development, promoting technological upgrading, developing regional economy and improving management. China's large petrochemical enterprises plan to invest 20billion US dollars to expand the capacity of olefins and derivatives by 2010. According to experts, Dow Chemical, the world's leading chemical company, has planned to invest more than US $200 million to expand its epoxy resin business in China. Several joint ventures owned by China have also built factories or expanded production

titanium dioxide encounters anti-dumping

according to an anti-dumping report released by the World Trade Organization on may16,2006, by 2005, the number of "anti-dumping investigations" and "anti-dumping measures" suffered by China had become the first in the world for 11 consecutive years, while chemicals have become the hardest hit areas of anti-dumping, of which polystyrene, nitrite, citric acid, titanium dioxide, etc. were the most severely affected by anti-dumping, In July, anti-dumping duties were imposed on titanium dioxide produced in China for a period of three years. The reason is that China is suffering losses due to dumping when exporting titanium dioxide (i.e. titanium dioxide) to South Korea. The same survey came from India. Industry experts believe that the impact of foreign anti-dumping investigations on the titanium dioxide industry can not be ignored

from 1990 to now, the output of titanium dioxide in China has increased by more than six times in more than ten years. In the past two years, China's titanium dioxide industry has achieved rapid development, the production scale has been continuously improved, and the quality of economic operation has been continuously improved, showing a thriving scene. The output of titanium dioxide is increasing at a rate of 6% ~ 8% per year. By 2005, the production capacity of titanium dioxide in China had exceeded 700000 tons, and more than 20 enterprises with a production capacity of 10000 tons. China's titanium dioxide industry has entered a mature period

titanium dioxide industry is a typical industry of monopoly competition and scale operation. Since the 1980s, the global titanium dioxide industry has undergone a major restructuring, and several famous companies, such as cyanamide Corporation of the United States, Dow Chemical, Montedison of Italy, Imperial Chemical Corporation of the United Kingdom and Ronald Planck of France, have successively withdrawn from the titanium dioxide manufacturing industry. Affected by factors such as overcapacity, weak demand, low prices and high investment in environmental protection, the development of titanium dioxide industry in North America and Western Europe has slowed down. At this time, the rapid economic development in the Asia Pacific region has stimulated the demand of titanium dioxide industry, and major manufacturers have invested in setting up factories or increasing production lines in the Asia Pacific region. Taking advantage of the opportunity of foreign mergers and acquisitions, China's titanium dioxide industry has made a leap forward development and quickly occupied the international market

as the titanium dioxide industry entered the competition of the international titanium dioxide market very early, it also encountered an endless stream of foreign anti-dumping investigations (10 ⑵ 000 (n · m). For example, in 2004, the anti-dumping Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce and industry of India concluded that "the price of titanium dioxide exported from China to India is lower than its normal value, and Indian industry has suffered substantial damage, which is caused by the accumulation of dumping from the investigated countries."

the 11th Five Year Plan revealed that due to the lack of independent technology, China's chemical industry has been in a state of repeated introduction, multi head introduction, successive generation introduction and continuous introduction. The degree of dependence on foreign technology has reached more than 50%, far higher than the level of 22% in new industrialized countries and 5% in developed countries. Due to the lack of independent technology, although the export of China's chemical products has increased year by year, China can not have a say in the international market, and has been repeatedly subjected to anti-dumping and expelled from the market

the titanium dioxide industry needs to improve its technology

the anti-dumping investigation launched by foreign countries on China's titanium dioxide products will directly affect the expansion of export scale and the development of foreign trade, and reduce the living space of Chinese enterprises in the international market. In the case of a sharp decline in exports, production enterprises have launched vicious competition for the domestic market, making it difficult for some enterprises to sustain. Therefore, domestic titanium dioxide enterprises should actively respond to anti-dumping

at the same time, the problems of titanium dioxide industry must be solved as soon as possible

blindly expanding production capacity and low technical content have become the weakness of the development of China's titanium dioxide industry. In recent years, China's titanium dioxide industry has blindly expanded production capacity at a low level. Based on the analysis of the evolution law of decarburization microstructure, it is estimated that it will reach more than 900000 tons/year by the end of 2006, an increase of 28% over the previous year

if we add the implementation of titanium dioxide reconstruction and expansion projects of existing enterprises, the total capacity of China's titanium dioxide industry will reach 1.5 million tons by the end of the eleventh five year plan. At the same time, due to the excessive proportion of low-level and low-tech products, the expansion of advantageous production capacity has not been effectively realized in the market. The growth mode of high speed, high pollution, high consumption and low efficiency has become a serious problem for the development of titanium dioxide industry in China. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, DuPont and astran built two large titanium dioxide production plants in Shandong and Liaoning respectively, with an initial scale of about 200000 tons/year. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2010. After the completion of the two production bases of titanium dioxide by chlorination, they will mainly produce cutting-edge products, which will have a great impact on domestic enterprises

the outline of the "11th Five Year Plan" for the development of science and technology in the chemical industry formulated by the China Petroleum and chemical industry association was officially released recently. During the "11th Five Year Plan" period, it is required that the scientific and technological contribution rate of the chemical industry should reach 60%. At the same time, it is determined to reduce the dependence of China's chemical industry on foreign technology, which is more than 50%. The plan stipulates that during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, we should focus on implementing a number of high-tech industrialization demonstration projects that will introduce the applicability of lower tension machine fixtures to you today. Among them, for fine chemicals closely related to the coating industry, the state hopes to carry out industrial technology development and promote industrial technology upgrading with the goal of advanced preparation of bulk chemical products and high performance of fine chemicals by breaking through core catalytic technology, modern reaction engineering technology and fine processing technology

at present, China's titanium dioxide industry is facing a crisis of weakening competitiveness

since the technological innovation ability of enterprises directly determines the market competitiveness, the competition with large foreign companies in the future is mainly technological competition. Therefore, production enterprises must speed up the establishment and improvement of their technological innovation system, constantly strengthen their technological development forces, increase the investment in technological development funds, and speed up the development of technologies and leading products with independent intellectual property rights; We should actively explore the mode of technological innovation, carry out various forms of industry university research, attract scientific research forces from scientific research institutions and colleges and universities to jointly tackle key technical problems in titanium dioxide production, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productive forces


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