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The market demand potential of food packaging machinery in Central America is great.

only Guatemala in the five Central American countries produces simple packaging equipment, while food processing machinery and other packaging machinery completely depend on Japan. There are about 23 kinds of food processing industries in the region. On the other hand, the disillusionment of the real estate foam has in turn affected the development potential of the consumer market

at present, Central America openly solicits excellent lightweight achievements for the whole industry. The demand for food packaging machinery is greater than that for food processing machinery. The largest supply source markets of packaging machinery are Germany, Taiwan (such as hydraulic filling machine) and Brazil. Almost all food packaging machinery is supplied by the United States, and a few are supplied by Mexico

Central American buyers usually pay by T/T and cheque. Most of the information obtained by buyers and agents is from the product introduction mailed by suppliers and the buyer's visit in person. In addition, the buyer also went to the United States, Mexico and Germany to visit relevant exhibitions and obtain information. The packaging machine, filling machine and packaging machine in Taiwan have certain market development potential

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